6 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

6 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Mr. C.G. Johnson must be glad to hear that the garage doors are used by as many as 65% of the families as direct entrance doors. He was the one who designed overhead garage doors and the garage door openers. Started as a “garer” and turning out to be value adding quotient in the homes, garages have secured an important place at the top of the checklist of home essentials.

Garage Door Repair

The endless rerun of the garage doors is thus an important task. As a stitch in time saves nine, a right judgment of the need to repair the garage door can save the time and complete wear and tear of the garage door. Let us check the top 6 signs that hint at your garage door need your attention right away.

  • Dislocation of the garage door from tracks: This is the first physical test of the garage door. If you observe minutely, you can easily detect the misalignment of the garage door from its tracks. It may be due to the damaged door rollers, which can be replaced easily. Second important reason may be due to the diversion of the horizontal and the vertical tracks. A different reason can be the collision of the garage door with the vehicle.The dislocation of the garage door must be treated at time so as to prevent its falling or other damages. It is best to be done with a professional help or the service team of the manufactures of the garage door.

Door Needs Repair?

  • Noisy operation of the garage door: This is the first spoken hint of the garage door to earn your attention. A sharp or quaky noise while opening or closing of the garage door is majorly caused by the garage door rollers. Lubrication of the tracks and the garage door rollers can be the first resolution to the noisy movement of the garage door. Likewise, it may be considered as a right time to replace your old garage rollers with the best garage door rollers available in the market.


  • Inconstant and shuddering garage door: The garage doors are designed to operate smoothly. Any inconsistent moves like shaking while going up or down and imbalance of the garage door are the indicators to the much needed adjustments required by the door. The fitting of garage door also gets impaired due to the shaky operation. The weak or broken parts must be replaced at the earliest. A timely check of the irregular movement may leads to collapse of the garage door.

Does Your Door Needs Maintenance?

  • Hardships in elemental operations: The garage door may hint with noises and if not treated on time, leads to difficulty in opening and closing. It does not necessarily mean that the entire garage door needs repair. It may be due to the weak cable connections or due to interruption in the power supply. If the electricity is supplied well, then you must look to the chain or drive system attached to the garage door. If there is no interruption in the contact of garage door to the movable part, third to notice is the garage door opener. It is best to consult the service team in case a problem in garage door opener is observed.


  • Escalated energy bills: The weak energy performance of the garage door leads to high raised electricity bills. The old garage doors extract more electricity than the newer energy efficient models. It is best to replace the old garage door with the latest energy saving models.
  • Lagging response: The garage door takes few seconds for seamless opening and closing. Any delay in the opening or closing of garage door is caused due to the interruption in the movable parts. It can be due to the operational problems in the door opener also. The slow operation of garage door may not require the complete door to be replaced but is should be taken seriously. A garage door never disappoints you when it comes to security and peace of mind. So if any of the above hints are observed by you. It is high time to stop delaying and give a genuine attention to the heavy duty security in-charge of your garage.

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