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7 Best Clearview Retractable Screen Doors

Best clearview retractable screen doors are the guard of your home against dirt, pollens, grime, insects when the main gateway is kept open. This empowers common ventilation and reasonable progression of air while not allowing undesirable particles to penetrate the house. This article will tell about the retractable screen gateways.

A retractable gateway is fitted on the most elevated entry as per the prerequisites of the client. These gateways are accessible in various shapes and sizes and come in various shutting forms. There is a number of screen gateways that are accessible out there. They are produced using materials that are high-in caliber to accommodate the client’s inclinations and wishes.

Here, at MyDoorReviews platform, we bring to you the 7 best clearview retractable screen doors gateways which might be useful for you and your family.

1. Mkicesky Fiberglass Magnet Screen Door

Best Clearview Retractable Screen doors


  • Fire retardant
  • More Strength
    Not Easy to Get Ash
  • Good Light
  • Transmission
  • Long Time Use and Suit for Four Season
  • Environmental Protection: Non-lethal and boring

The Mkicesky Fibreglass Magnet Screen Door is one of the best choices for buyers who are looking for retractable screen doors for their house in a tight budget. This screen door is having fire-retardant features with good light transmission for good lighting systems and supply of vitamin d in the house.

The glass used in this screen door is scratch resistant and durable than traditional screen doors. It lasts for a very long time without getting any scratch on its glass.This is non- toxic and tasteless also which makes it safe for places where small kids are present and kids have the tendency to lick and taste everything.

The screen door also has strong magnetic mesh which does not allow the screen door to get easily blown away by the wind and also helping in keeping mosquitoes out of the house. It can be used in all kinds of French doors and sliding doors and also when you are not using it you can simply fold it up.

The screen door curtains are of size 72×80 which fits opening door up to MAX 70×79. The screen door weighs about 1.96 pounds. It has majority of positive reviews by its buyers on Due to its amazing features it was listed in best retractable screen doors of 2018.




  • Great Transmittance
  • Non-Toxic
  • One of a kind hook & Loop Sticker hasp design
  • Overwhelming Mesh Construction
  • Appropriate for standard size gateway 

The MAGZO FRENCH screen door is one of the most updated and affordable variety of screen doors for modern-day houses and buildings. They claim that they are the only ones with windproof hook loop hasp design, which means they have added a windproof hook loop hasp on the middle and bottom of the magnetic screen door, which is used to prevent the screen door from being blown away by the wind.

It has automatic open and close features that free up the hands of the user. It is suitable for installation for normal size doors, double doors, sliding doors and also its installation is very easy and can be done without any tools.

It has a very heavy mesh construction that prevents mosquitoes and bugs from entering inside the house or building where it is installed. The fiberglass material used in this equipment is more durable, scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, chemical corrosion resistant. The magnetic screen door is of size 72x80inch and can fit indoors of size 72×80, 72×79, 70×80, 70×79 inch respectively. The weight of the screen door is about 2.2 pounds.

3. Sentry screens Magnetic screen doors.

Sentry screens Magnetic screen doors


  • Higher Quality
  • US military approved
  • Simple Installation
  • Pet screen door
    No Gaps

The Sentry Magnetic screen doors are the best pick for people who are fan military people, as the design and features added to these screen doors are the same used by the military in their camps in Iraq and Afghanistan. The hook and loop fastener is sewn right into the curtain and goes around the entire edge to prevent things from sneaking in through the magnetic screen sides.

The high quality of fiberglass material used in this screen door makes it a lot more durable and ideal for high traffic. The 26 magnets used in this screen door are more effective than the other normal screen doors which ensure that your screen door closes faster, seals tighter and withstands longer in the strong breezes. The Design of this screen door is military approved as the design is similar to design of the magnetic mesh nets used in military camps where the condition is more critical than the normal environment in which we live.

Its installation is super easy and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. It is best used as back exterior doors, front doors, etc. The item weighs about 15 ounces and is of size 39×96 inches. These screen doors are the best choice and were listed in best screen doors of 2017.

4. NeatiEase Adjustable DIY Magnetic Window Screen

NeatiEase Adjustable DIY Magnetic Window Screen


  • Size-adjustable DIY window screen
  • Powerful magnet sealing
  • High quality fire-retarded fiberglass mesh
  • Screen replaceable and washable
  • Lifetime warranty on magnet attraction

The NeatiEase Adjustable Window screen is one of the best pics in the category of retractable screens as they are easy to install, have an amazing set of features that makes them a must-buy product. It fits must of the windows as they are mostly made for screening the windows of the houses and buildings.

They can be used for windows made of any material such as windows made of steel, wood, aluminum, UPVC, etc. The installation of this window screen is very easy and it takes hardly 15 minutes to install this window screen. This screen has magnets installed at the side of it which makes it easy to seal the windows from all sides and prevent anything from sneaking through it.

The premium quality density mesh used in this window screen is fireproof, chemical corrosion resistance and maintains a good shape and design throughout the season and is very long lasting and durable. As the mesh is made of premium quality polyester it is easy to clean and maintain the screen. It fits in every size of window measuring up to 55×36 or less. The window screen weighs about 2 pounds and has size measuring 55×36 inches. The materials used in this screen can be steel, wood or aluminum.

The installation steps are given in the box in which it is packed before installing the window frame clean the window frame and prepare the magnetic strip to attach them to the window frame, peel of the protective film and press it onto the window frame. Lay and attract the rest of the magnetic strips on top, peel the protective covering of the magnetic strips and lay the mesh on the magnetic strips. Prepare the plastic strip to lay on the top for the mesh and peel off the protective film and press it onto the mesh. Your window screen is installed.

5. Mkicesky Fibre Glass Screen Curtain (Updated version)

Mkicesky Fibre Glass Screen Curtain


  • Pets & Kids friendly
  • Powerful Long Magnets
  • Scratch safe
  • Snare and Loop stick firmly
  • Perfect for French entryway/overhang sliding entryway/Front/indirect access/wood entryway/kitchen/room

The next evolution of magnet material which provides wonderful performance hands-free entry and fresh air in. With premium high-density, durable fiberglass mesh from which no bad chemical smell can pass and which allows good light transmittance and good view. The Fiber Glass screen door is suitable for French doors/ balcony sliding door/ front/ back door/ wood door/ kitchen/ bedroom.

Micksey adopts the newest magnets not advanced in length but also the weight of itself. With stronger magnetic force and length, make it close seamless, quicker and quite. The fiberglass used in this screen door is of premium quality with scratch-resistant features and long lasting and durable material.

The frame of the screen door is packed with a roll of magic tape to avoid the problem of drop and enable you to remove the mesh any time also. The screen door is made human and pets entry friendly. The size of the screen door is 72×80 inches and it can fit indoor of size measuring 70×79 Max.

6. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door


  • Magnetic Screen
  • Door Size
  • Magic Sticker Hasp Design
  • Heavy Mesh
  • Construction
  • Durable
  • Perfect Transmittance

The Screen Door is suitable for normal size door; double door, sliding door, French door, etc. The package of the screen door includes a screen door/ a roll of Hook tape/ a pack of push pins/ an instruction. As discussed in one of the previous products of this company they are the only ones having windproof hook& loop hasp design which allows the screen door to withstand the strong breeze.

The density of door curtain is around 15×17 mesh which is not only beneficial to prevent insects from coming inside but also allows fresh air and light to enter into your house. It is one of the perfect mosquito net doors which brings you comfort and hand free entry and specially designed with baby and pet-friendly features.

The fiberglass material used in this screen door is very durable and scratch-resistant which allows good transmittance and a clear vision. The screen door measures about 72×80 inches and comes in grey and white color in which grey color is very much in demand due to its good transmittance and better vision.

7. The Bug off Reversible French Screen Door

The Bug off Reversible French Screen Door


  • Made of durable fiberglass work
  • 60″ is movable to fit entryways 59-61″
  • 72″ is movable to fit entryways 70-71″
  • Length alters from 78-80″ H
  • Screen acclimates to open on either right or left side

With the help of this reversible French door screen, one can enjoy year-round insect protection with the revolutionary walk-through, auto-close, and hands-free screen door. The Bug off Hands-free screen door is a solution for parties and barbecues providing hands-free entry and exit for you, family and guests and pets.

The magnetic auto-close feature automatically shuts the screen each time you walk through it. It fits French doors and sliders plus can be installed in apartments. This is a great alternative to expensive custom sliding screens that come of the track. The hand’s free screen is built with easy height and width adjustment with 2 height adjustment tunnels at the top allowing for installation in odd-sized doors. The item weighs around 3 pounds and is basically used for Indoor Pest Management.

Buying Guide

  • Purpose

When you searching for a retractable screen gateway you should consistently remember the reason for it. There are a few screen entryways made for a few purposes. Some are intended to keep bugs out while others are made progressively solid with the goal that they are not effectively harmed by the pets. There are additionally some which can even keep squirrels and raccoons out. Some screen entryways are climate-safe.

  • Fabric

 A few materials incorporate fiberglass, plastic, metal, aluminum, and copper. Aluminum is the most supported material as it is solid and strong and gives enduring utilization. The texture ought to be solid and deserving of your interest.

  • Quality

The nature of these screen entryways should be top-class as they have to persevere through a few obstructions. It ought to counteract slamming and give an expanded life span. The opening and shutting instruments ought to be first-class with the goal that it goes on for a more extended time period.

  • Installation

The installation technique for screen doors ought to be straightforward and simple. Search for entryways that are free from curls, springs or magnets as they are more likely to breakdown during installation. Be that as it may, there are some screen entryways that require the proficient establishment and in such cases, it is ideal to leave the installations to the experts.

Best Clearview Retractable Screen Doors FAQ

What are the best retractable screen doors?

Answer: Best Overall: ODL Brisa Standard Retractable Screen Door.
Best Budget: Secret Screen Pull-Down Retractable Screen Door.
Best for Storm Doors: Andersen 3000 Retractable Storm Door.
Best for French Doors: MMI Inswing Retractable Double Screen Door.

To what extent do retractable entryways last?

Answer: A recently installed entryway is expected to last 25 to 50 years, depending upon the materials and quality deployed while manufacturing.

How do retractable screen entryways work?

Answer: Retractable gateways work by “moving up” into lodging that hangs vertically outward of the door frame when you’re not utilizing them. Most of the retractable door screens necessitate that you introduce a track along the top and base of the door frame to keep it set up when it’s all-extended.


So in this article, we talked about the best retractable doors, their types and the process of installation of clearview retractable screen doors. Retractable screen doors are used for protection from insects when both doors are open. They play a very important role in preventing the entrance of bugs and mosquitoes inside the building even though they don’t stop light from entering into the house.

The screen doors also give a classy look to the houses and are very efficient as one does not has to always close door and be worried about bugs and mosquitoes. Just install one retractable screen door and you free from stress of bugs sneaking inside your house or dirt coming inside your house if you forgot to close your main door. They also prevent and protect your main doors from getting damaged and destroyed by the external factors.

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