7 Best Door Lock Installation Kits for Experts – Reviews

7 Best Door Lock Installation Kits for Experts – Reviews

Security and safety are the foremost duties of any home to deliver. In order to secure your home, you have to simply secure its doors. Higher the safety of the doors, the lesser you need to worry. Door locks thus playing an important role in your place must be maintained time to time. There may be different reasons why you need to install a perfect door lock. You must be having an irreparable door lock or you must have done changes at your place, so you need to have compatible best door locks now. Likewise it can be a regular improving exercise to replace the door locks to enhance the safety of your place. Whatever maybe the reason, best door lock installation kits are available in market that will help you in your work.

Best door lock installation kits are simply the tool kits used to install a door lock with much ease and safety. Broadly doors can be classified into metallic or wooden doors. So, according to the type of door you can choose a best door lock installation kit. All you need is a free afternoon, good energy and a skillful will power. Here we are elaborating the professional door lock installation kits.

Top 7 best door lock installation kits of 2020

Let us have a look at top best 7 door lock installation kits available in the market.

1. DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit, Bi-Metal (18004)

best door lock installation kits


  • Metal and Wooden doors compatible
  • Fit for common lock sizes
  • Includes backing plates
  • Product dimensions: 9.6*7.8*4.9 inches

This door lock installation kit can be used for both wood and metal made doors. It has a hole saw consisting of long lasting M3 steel. It also has reinforced backing plates to prevent warping effects. The backing plates also helps in easy disassembly from the mandrel. It works on corded electric power source.

It is an easy to use with almost all types of doors. Also the backing plates helps to easily remove the kit after use. The door kit fits easily in almost all common lock sizes. The material used in hole saws and the backing plates is of top quality, thus making it a most durable door lock installation kit.

2. Milwaukee 49-22-4073 Polycarbonate Door Lock and Deadbolt Installation Kit

Milwaukee 49-22-4073 Polycarbonate Door Lock


  • All in one door lock and deadbolt installation kit
  • Non slip clamps
  • Hole saw and auto centering guide
  • Product dimensions: 9.2*4.9*8.2 inches

It is the best door lock and deadbolt installation kit. It includes a 2-1/8 inches hardened hole saw, auto centering drill guide, arbor adaptor, arbor spacer, drill bits and depth stops. It can be easily used with the help of a drill or a driver. It works on a two point strategy. First of all simply clamp the unit to the door. Secondly, start drilling the pre-aligned holes. You can use it will simple hand tools available with you.

It is very easy to use kit. Removing the plug is very easy with access slots which are provided at the sides of the saw bits. The depth stop helps in proper fitting of the kit and makes cleaner holes, thus completing the work in a professional way. The non-slip clamps further eliminates the use of any screws.

3. Ryobi A99DLK4 Wood and Metal

Ryobi A99DLK4 Wood and Metal


  • Both deadbolt and door lock installation kit
  • Dual backset adjustment
  • Auto-strike locator
  • Product dimensions: 8*4*8 inches

It comes with all of the essential items like spade bits, auto adjustments etc. It can be used easily with a drill. It has an auto strike locator along with backset adjustments.

It is a simple yet efficient installation kit which can be seamlessly used for both door locks and deadbolts. The doors can be wooden made or metallic ones. The locator eliminates use of any measuring tools along with kit. It along with dual backset adjustments maintains the highest accuracy levels for making holes. Further, the spade bits are not set likewise but are set at proper drilling angles so as to facilitate the drilling speed. It is thus, very easy to use and give perfect results.

4. Century Drill & Tool 5910 Shark Tooth Bi-Metal Hole Saw Metal

Century Drill & Tool 5910 Shark Tooth Bi-Metal Hole Saw Metal


  • Easy 3 step working
  • For metal doors
  • Electric drill/Lathes/Milling machine compatible
  • Product dimensions: 8.5*7.1*3 inches

It contains 1 inch, 2-1/8 inches bi-metal holes saws, complete arbor and an easy guide. It can be used with doors made up of aluminum, steel or any other metal. It is available in 4 piece, 8 piece and 13 piece variants. It is best for 1-1/2 inch hole.

The hole saws of the installation kit are made up of strong bi-metal material. The saw tooth is made with cobalt steel using electron welding technology. This material gives a good speed to the saw. The hole saws are electronically welded to the kit. Coming to that the door installation kit, it is made up of high quality alloy and is shock proof. Thus, adding to the safety of the user.

5. Disston E0101949 Blu-Mol

Disston E0101949 Blu-Mol


  • All accessories in single kit
  • Easy to use
  • Bi-metal lock installation kit
  • Product dimensions: 4.8*9.8*7.4 inches

It is a bi-metal lock installation kit used for easy door lock installation. It consists of a mandrel w/pilot drill, a mandrel adapter, 1 inch and 2-1/8 inches holes saw and an easy guide.

It has all components in a single kit. It can be set up easily for use, thanks for its non- slip clamps. The clamps of the kit have a good grip to ensure that you can work smoothly while making the holes. It can be easily uninstalled just by removing the clamps. It is a new member in the metal door lock installation kits family but is remarkably good at its work and extends hassle free usage to you.

6. Irwin Tools Bi-Metal 3111002

Irwin Tools Bi-Metal 3111002


  • Both Wood and Metal doors
  • Interior/exterior doors compatible
  • Durable with highest quality
  • Product dimensions: 8.1*6.5*2.2 inches

It consists of 2 bi-metal holes saws with arbors, two sided self centering jig, a butt hinge template, router guide and router bit and can be used with both wood made doors and metallic doors.

It is one of the best and most durable door lock installation kit. It can be used for both interior doors and exterior doors. The jig is self- centering which easily fits to any door size. The saw is made up of bi-metal which easily drills thorough the wooden and metal surfaces. It is a multi-purpose kit which can be used for multiple installations. It is manufactured in China.

7. IVY Classic 27003 Carbon

IVY Classic 27003 Carbon


  • For Wooden doors
  • Adjustable plastic guide
  • Made up of high carbon steel
  • Product dimensions: 4.8*3*3.3 inches

It is best door lock installation kit for wooden doors. It consists of a plastic guide template, carbon steel- hole saws, D type arbor and pilot drill. It has snap door arms for selecting door width.

A consistent good performer for wooden doors, it is still easy to use. The door width and backset can be easily adjusted using snap lock arms. The plastic guide templates are adjustable to various sizes. The blades will not turn dull and will align properly for holes. The kit is made up of best carbon steel alloy material. It provides accurate drilling and is best for multiple uses.

Buying Guide

  • Compatibility with door: The door lock kit should be purchased only after considering the material of the door and the size of the locks.
  • Power source: The door lock installation kit can be working on corded power source or can be a wireless one. You can choose your best while considering the availability of power at the location of use

  • Size and material of kit: The best door lock installation kit is the portable one and the one which is made up of strong yet light weight material. The size must suit the door and the material must be durable, of good quality shock proof alloy and easy to hold.

  • Easy working: The best installation kit must be easy to use. The installation guides provide along the kits should provide step by step methods for the completion of work.

  • Design: A lesser considered factor but a genuine one can be the design of the door lock kit. You can choose from multiple variants available in market.


  • Can single kit be used for both wooden and metallic doors?

    You have to check the door lock installation kit compatibility before using it for both the doors. Some kits can be used for both while others are wood or metal specific

  • How many door locks can be installed with a single kit?

    All door lock kits are made up of strong and durable materials. So, ideally they are fit for multiple uses and some are fit for commercial uses as well.

  • Along with door lock kit, what other essential tools are required?

    You do not need to have any other tools except drill or a driver

  • Can I use the door lock installation kit alone?

    Absolutely yes. The best door lock installation kits can be used single handedly by simply following the guide.

Final Words (Conclusion)

A door lock installation kit is a must to have toolkit for installing a door lock, deadbolt or door knob installations. Our buying guide will be helpful for you to choose your best at reasonable prices. The best door lock installation kits like any other toolkits must be easy to use, work compatible, durable and efficient. Time to have one for your place as well.

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