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Top 8 Best Door Sweeps (Reviews & Buying Guide)

What’s an interesting thing if you are looking to add the best door sweeps to your exterior or interior doors. You must have noticed the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. Relax; it is not a manufacturing defect. It is rather an essentially provided floor clearance to make sure that the door can swing in both the directions.

If there is no gap between the bottom of the door and the floor base, the door will not be able to move freely. Scratches and depressions on the floor can be a regular headache if proper spacing is not provided. We have established, the justified use of spacing, but what about the problems related to the spacing itself?

The uninvited guests find their way through this space. You better not want to be a host for insects, bugs, dust, etc. One of the best door accessories that are Door Sweeps are the sure shot solution to the problem arising due to spacing.

It works on the simple concept to cover the spacing to protect your place. It does not create any restriction in the path of the door. A door sweep protects you form outside cold and unwanted noise also. It is easy to install and works effortlessly. MyDoorReviews platform helps you to find the best type of door sweep for your exterior or interior doors.

1. Frost King 2 x 36 SB36 Extra Brush Door Sweep

best door sweeps


  • A high quality brush is attached to aluminum strip
  • It is best suited for areas, where the gap between the bottom of door and floor is high.
  • Provides protection against the outside weather and helps in maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Dimensions of the product is 36* 2* 0.2 inches

It is a solid door step made up of high gauge aluminum strip. Gauge factor is the measure of the strength of a metal. Higher the gauge factor, stronger is the metal. The brush is around 1 inch in height which covers the gap properly. It is easy to be installed at the bottom of the door.

Frost King Extra Brush Door Sweep is a durable product. The high quality rubber prevents dust from entering inside. We know that the overall energy efficiency of the place is best hampered by the doors only. This door sweep comes to the rescue and helps in maintaining the energy efficiency standards as well.

While it is the best product providing value for your money, its Silver Aluminum color will emerge out to provide a classy look to your door. The brush is made up nylon so that it gets sealed properly with the door and do not create a messy look unlike the rubber versions.

2. XCLUDER Commercial Rodent Proof Door Sweep

XCLUDER Commercial Rodent Proof Door Sweep


  • Use poly-fiber stainless steel
  • Prevents pests and provide barrier to rats and insects
  • Utilizes non toxic non-corrosive rodent proof fill fabric
  • Weather resistand and installation is easy

3. M-D Building Products 69609

M-D Building Products 69609


  • It has Vinyl door sweep inserted in Aluminum case.
  • It is the best exterior door sweep and can be used with entry doors
  • The sweeper is thick thus covering the entire gap while providing a proper seal
  • Dimensions of the product is 49* 1.9* 0.2 inches

The sweep being a working part providing seal is improved in this product with the use of vinyl. The sweep is not attached or glued using an adhesive, but it is inserted properly to prevent it from coming out. It makes sure that the sweep does not get detached due to multiple uses. Also, vinyl is soft to the floor. So, you do not need to worry about the scratches on your lovely floor.

M-D Building products 69609 door sweep is essentially a commercial grade product. With less chances of wear and tear, it is perfect to be used for entry door weeps and exterior door sweeps. It helps in maintaining the energy efficiency of the place.

This door sweep can be installed easily. It is bronze in color. This product is weather proof as strong vinyl sweep prevents the entry of rain or water inside your place. It is strong enough to bear regular movements of the door.

4. Pemko Door Bottom Sweep

Pemko Door Bottom Sweep


  • It has a nylon brush inserted inside an anodized aluminum case.
  • It is the best seal in preventing infiltration of bugs, water, wind, noise, etc.
  • The door sweep undergoes UV stabilization for enhanced life
  • Dimensions of the product is 37* 2* 0.3 inches

If you are really worried about the penetrating winds, water, loss of air, rains and storms, Pemko Door Bottom Sweep is at your service. A perfectly strong and durable product from the leading makers of door accessories. It is made up of aluminum and nylon brush is fitted inside the casing. The size of the brush is around 1 inch. It is grey in color.

It is the best door sweep for providing a strong seal against weather conditions like rain, storms, winds etc. It helps in preventing the penetration and leakage from inside to outside as well. It does both, the preventing the conditioned air of inside coming out and preventing the infiltration of smoke, dust, fumes properly.

It provides cost effective seal protection. The product is UV stabilized so as to make it durable and long lasting quality seal. Any type of infiltration and leakage can be protected by using Pemko door bottom sweep at your doors.

5. Uxcell Door Brush Bottom Sweep

Uxcell Door Brush Bottom Sweep


  • It is made with trusted products, Aluminum and nylon which excel in a door sweep
  • It is the best seal to be sued for escalator, cabinets, etc.
  • It is UV stabilized, rust free, weather proof door sweep
  • Dimensions of the product is 39.37*2 inches

Uxcell door brush bottom sweep is available in various size variants. It is made up of aluminum alloy and nylon brush. It can be easily installed using screw mounting. To match with your place’s décor, it comes in black and silver colors.

The product is rust-free as aluminum alloy is used and is weather proof also. It protects against the rains, winds, dust etc. It also prevents the entry of smoke, bad smell into the place. It seals the bottom of the door with the floor properly so as to prevent any loss of energy into surroundings.

It is highly cost effective product. You get the best material aligned in best size for your personalized use. This eliminating the effort of cutting and making it according to your door. Since the door sweep is highly durable and rigid in construction, it is best to be used at the places like escalators, machine tools, cabinets, etc.

6. VITAM AMO Door Sweep

VITAM AMO Door Sweep


  • It is made up of soft silicone and provides triple layer protection
  • No installation is required, can be trimmed to fit the size of the door
  • Provides the best protection against noise, loss of energy, weather conditions, etc.
  • Dimensions of the product is 39*2*1.8 inches

Vitam Amo door sweep is the best door draft stopper. It is made up of soft silicone. It does not require any specific installation. You have to just measure the gap, trim the product according to the size and it is ready to be attached to the door. It is available in black, brown, grey, clear and white color to match to the surroundings.

It is the best exterior door sweep which has triple fins to provide a three layer protection. Bugs and insects are prevented from entering due to solid silicone. Energy efficiency of the place is maintained as there is no seepage of air. It also blocks noise, light, air, bad odors, etc.

With so much to give in such a reasonable price Vitam Amo door sweep is a must for your place. It is found to outperform in noise protection and maintaining the temperature seal with efficiency ads high as 70%.

7. Heavy Duty Clear Anodized Brush Sweep

Heavy Duty Clear Anodized Brush Sweep


  • It is made up of strong brush with strong anodized metal frame.
  • Brush is protected from damages by insects, bugs, etc.
  • The brush of the door sweep is created in the USA.
  • Dimensions of the product is 48*3 inches.

Heavy Duty Clear Anodized Brush Sweep is a revolutionary concept in the door sweep industry. It is made up of aluminum which holds the brush sweep in 1 inch wide frame. The size of the brush sweep is 2 inches. It has clear anodized finish and the brush is black in color.

Whenever we think of buying a door sweep, we get afraid with the idea of a brush sweeping the floor. It might get folded or might start scratching the floor. The brush of this door sweep is made very durable and is practically resistant to bugs, cockroaches, etc. Hence, this door sweep can be used as an exterior door sweep.

The door sweep performs best with covering the gap up to 2 feet. It protects the place from dust, bugs, air, water, smoke, bad smell, etc. It is available in two size variants of 4 feet and 3 feet. The product can be trimmed according to the size using a simple metal hacksaw.

8. Prime-Line M 6258 Frameless Shower Door Bottom Seal

Prime-Line M 6258 Frameless Shower Door Bottom Seal


  • Interior door sweep best for bathroom doors
  • Can be installed easily using slip on fit method, no adhesives are required.
  • Can be trimmed according to the size of the door
  • Dimensions of the product is 36*0.8*39.5 inches

The personalized used of door sweep is best understood by Prime-Line. This door sweep is an ideal product for bathroom doors. It is made up of clear vinyl and can be made to fit the door very easily. You just slip in this door sweep to the bottom of the door. The size of the product can be perfectly made according to the use.

It creates a proper seal to prevent the leakage of water. The door sweep is best to be used in interior doors or in bathroom doors. We do not want leakage of water or droplets form the bathrooms. So this Prime Line product comes to our rescue. While there are no complex parts involved, it is easy to use and to be taken care of.

It is a door bottom seal product essentially considered as a door sweep. While it is made up of solid vinyl, it improves the sealing properties and is durable and long lasting.

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FAQs to Help in the Selection of Best Door Sweeps:

Question: What are the types of door sweeps?

Answer: Following are the types of best door sweeps:

  • Self -stick door sweep
  • Standard door sweep
  • Automatic door sweep
  • Draft Door Weather proofing

  • Magnetic Door Sweep

Question: Do door sweeps keep mice out?

Answer: Yes, Door sweeps keep the mice out and protect your home from mess.

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