Top 7 Best Garage Door Opener Reviews (2021)

Top 7 Best Garage Door Opener Reviews (2021)

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Engineers have always worked hard in implementing the basic technologies in simplest forms to make our daily work easier. It is good to know about physics but more good to see it doing your work. Garage door openers are a perfect example of right technology applied at right time. It is a motor based device which helps in easy opening and closing of garage doors. The garage door opener unit consists of an electric motor. The motor is attached to the trolley with the help of a track. The trolley is attached to the top of the garage door with the help of an arm for its open a close movement. So, when you turn the motor on, trolley opens or closes the garage door.

The essentials of a best garage door are easy installation, dependable operation, and compatibility with the networks, best machinery and most importantly must be low at cost. There are number of products available in market. According to the type of your garage door, the services you are looking for, and the frequency of use, you can choose out of the best garage door openers. If you are looking a one for you, our list of top rated garage door openers can be helpful to you.

Best Garage Door Openers 2021

Have a look at the 7 best garage door openers.

1. Craftsman CMXEOCG471 Garage Door Opener

best garage door opener


  • Wi-Fi system is already built in inside the garage door opener
  • Tough and durable steel body
  • Easy installation with easy remote operations using Smart phone app
  • Dimensions of the product: 18*6*10 inches

Craftsman CMXEOCG471 garage door opener kit contains 3 button remotes, wireless keypad, safe type sensors, and dual function wall controls. It is a chain type garage door opener working on AC supply. No external batteries are required as it comes with battery back-up only.

It is the garage door opener in case you are searching for a durable and reliably operating device. It is ½ HP AC motor which easily performs the operations of opening or closing of the garage door. The sensors are safe type ensuring full reliable operations. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to remotely operate the garage door from office, park or at other place.

It can be easily installed with no additional tools required. The kit comes with all of the required hardware along with an installation guide. An hour of time plus your energy to showcase your engineering skills is all what is needed to have this garage door opener at your service.

2. Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV

Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV


  • A noiseless garage door opener working on chain mechanism
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant by Aladdin Connect technology for remote operations
  • Battery backup is included in the package, thus eliminating need of external sources
  • Dimensions of the product: 8.5*12*28 inches

Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV garage door opener comes in a full package containing 2 pre programmed remotes, a wall console, an integrated battery backup, wireless keypad, safe T-beam system. It easily operates on a 5 piece rail system. The DC motor is paired with a steel reinforced belt drive which opens or closes the door. The wall console is provided with a vacation lock and light control button also.

With noiseless operation, it is best suited for garages which are next to kid’s nursery or to the bedrooms of the house. It is provided with a built in Aladdin Connect technology which allows easy opening, closing and monitoring of the status of the garage door. The battery backup provided by the garage door opener can be used for 50 cycles from initial power failure.

Genie has nailed the technology with noise-free supreme power in its garage door opener. It is highly durable, perfect for frequent uses and highly dependable product.

3. Chamberlain Group myQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group myQ Smart Garage Door Opener


  • It is a Wireless, Wi-Fi enabled device, thus, can be controlled with Smartphone
  • Smart collaboration with Google Assistant helps in free registration for IFTTT
  • Control can be shared to 3 persons with myQ app
  • Dimensions of the product: 4.5*1.5*4.5 inches

Chamberlain Group myQ Smart Garage Door Opener comes in a full package containing a Wi-Fi hub along with screws, door sensor with fastening strips and screws, mounting brackets, power adapter etc. Batteries are also included for seamless operation in case of power failure. You can install it easily using a drill bit and a screw driver with the help of the manual.

You can open and close the garage door using your smart phone from any place. Also, you can schedule specific times for the opening and closing of the garage doors. Also, myQ app will send you garage door related notifications with no additional charging for the same.

It is the best garage door opener for updating existing system as it is compatible with all existing garage door opener manufacturers. All you need is just make an account over the myQ app, link it with Google assistant to start using IFTTT. It the best value for money product. It is easy to install, easy to use, just like any other app in your smart phone and remote control gives you supreme security.

4. Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package

Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package


  • Sleek and Space saving wall mounted garage door opener
  • P3 motor based garage door opener, equipped with Security 2.0, mysql
  • Ultra-quiet operations for front mounted garage doors
  • Dimensions of the product: 48*12*16 inches

An elite series product of Liftmaster, 8500 Wall mounted garage door opener package contains door opener unit, sensors and remote. It has 24V DC motor which is powerful enough but quite at the same time. It is very easily installed and works on auto-force feature. Security levels are increased with myQ app sending new codes each time, it is used.

Security standards are taken to another level as sensors project an invisible light beam over the doors and any interruption leads to turning on of the garage door lights. Same beam is used to sense presence of any object while the doors are being closed to ensure safety of uncontrolled pets or notorious kids.

Going by its name, it is an elite product with supreme security features. The boring old garage will definitely welcome you with a new look with this wall mounted garage door opener. The noiseless operation along with reliability in services makes it best wall mounted garage door opener.

5. ATOMS AT-1611 By Skylink 1/2HPF

ATOMS AT-1611 By Skylink 1/2HPF


  • Comes with powerful DC motor operating with no noise
  • Built in 12 W LED bulb for enhanced illumination
  • Anti break-in chain drive for reliable opening and closing
  • Dimensions of the product: 27.5*8*4.5 inches

Skylink Atoms garage door opener comes with door opener unit, one button remote, one safety sensors, push button, sectional rail kit and user manual. It is available in with Wi-Fi and without Wi-Fi both options. The unit is compatible with any standard battery backup. It can be used with car built in remote as well.

The motor of the door opener has a quiet operation. The anti-break in chain present in the door opener is durable, quiet in operation and designed for multiple uses. By snapping the safety sensor in the garage door, you increase the safety as it emits an infrared light, blockage to which is indicated on LCD display.

The LCD display of the unit helps in programming and reflects the types of error in case of troubleshooting. An “F” means that extra force is exerted than the opening or closing limit, a “B” indicates that safety beam sensors are blocked and a “P” indicates program additional remote control. It is a highly recommended product due to its high security and noiseless operations.

6. Direct Drive 1042V004

Direct Drive 1042V004


  • Work on Rolling code technology with additional safety
  • Easy to install, quietly operating sleek garage door opener
  • Quality product with advanced door locking features
  • Dimensions of the product: 42*10*6.5 inches

Direct Drive 1042V004 comes with a garage door opener, an interior wall station, safety sensors, button transmitters, mounting hardware and installation guide. It can be easily installed without spending extra on installation fees. It has batteries include in the unit with average lifetime of 30000 hours. It is compatible with built in car remote.

It creates no vibrations while operating, hence is best suited for garages which are below kids rooms and bed rooms. It has notifications feature with extra bells and whistles. The wall function performs three main works of opening the door, locking the door and in case you need to turn on the light. It operates at 310MHz frequency.

It will make you delighted with its secure and organized services. The garage door opener operates silently, has no vibrations, with console having separate button for all the functions. It is a solid product extending supreme services at amazing cost.

7. Asante 99-00900-US With Built-in Camera (Smart Garage Door Opener)

Asante 99-00900-US With Built-in Camera


  • Built in camera for surveillance and instantly opening and closing of door
  • Single unit can control two garage doors
  • Provides door status notification with mails and messages
  • Dimensions of the product: 4*4*1 inches

Asante 99-00900-US garage door opener has added a much needed feature to the traditional garage door openers. It comes with a garage door opener unit with camera, Asante home extender, power adapter, mounting bracket, Antenna and an installation guide. You need to register free of cost on Asante app and your device is ready to be use.

The camera in the unit helps in real time monitoring of the garage doors. While it helps in open and close operations, it also comes with night vision mode. If you are doubtful about whether the door is closed or not, you just need to have a look at your Smartphone and you can relax then. The app also sends notification about the door status.

It is easy to install, do not require any additional hardware. The product is compatible with almost all of the garage doors and can be used to manage two garage doors. It is highly durable and quality product.

Buying Guide

  • Type of motor

    Higher is the horse power, higher are the lifting capacities of the garage door opener. Horse power is the unit of the strength of the motor. Standard garage doors can be operated with ½ horse power motor, while heavier doors need 1 to 1-1/2 horse power motors. Also you can choose between the available variants for AC and DC power supply.

  • Type of drive used

    There are 3 types of drives used in garage door openers. You can choose from chain type, belt type, and screw type drives. The chain type drives are best cost effective drives and easily available. The belt type provides high quality noiseless operation and durability to the product. The screw drives are best for heavier and fast speed applications. Screw drives type of garage door openers are used for commercial purposes.

  • Remote operation

    According to your need, you can choose from the range of remote operations of the garage door opener. Some variants are Wi-Fi enabled while others are not. Some have operations through button remotes while others are compatible with car in built remotes. In addition to this, some garage door opener units also come with in-built Wi-Fi.

  • Security features

    The latest garage door opener comes with enhanced security features like auto close functionality, invisible light beam for motion sensing, camera for strict supervision etc. The constant vigil of operations using smart phones is the basic security feature of garage door opener.

  • Easy installation

    The best garage door openers must be easy to install. While the manufacturer always provides an installation guide for the help of the user, it must not involve complex processes or the use of different tools. Some variants are wall mounted and others are overhead.


  • How does the garage door opener operate through a Smart phone?

    You will have to download the app, which is compatible with garage door opener. Then make necessary registration, and your product is ready to use.

  • Which is the best type of motor AC or DC for garage door opener?

    While both have their own uses, AC motor is cost effective and easy for maintenance the DC motor offers silent operations.

  • How can I install my garage door opener?

    The garage door openers come in a full installation package kit. Most of the companies provide the necessary hardware as well.

  • Which is the best overhead or wall mounted garage door openers?

    While mounting is concerned only with the unit of the garage door opener, you can choose a wall mounted for saving the space or overhead for normal regular operations.

  • What to do if I am noticing some noise in the functioning of garage door opener?

    Noisy operations are first indication of irregular operations of garage door opener. Close the power supply and connect to the manufacturer.

Final Words (Conclusion)

Garage door openers not only help in regular operations of garage but have raised the standard of security. The variants can be best chosen on the basis of frequency of use, type of features required, remote sensing/camera surveillance, etc. The best garage door openers will be the cost effective, highly reliable, including high security features with easy installations and maintenance.

The technology should be cost effective and easy to use, least it will lose its basic need in human engineering. If you are thinking of buying a garage door opener for your place, do not delay more and get a one for your piece of mind and security of your garage.

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