Top 7 Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2021 – Reviews

Top 7 Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2021 – Reviews

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Summer is lovely weather – a carefree one. You need not worry about layering and covering yourself up. However, this does not imply that you don’t need to take care of yourself or the house. During the summers, the temperature rises, and it does not allow you to keep your house all cloaked, unlike winters. But the rising temperature brings in pests and insects. Therefore, keeping your doors closed all the time is a necessity. There should be some sort of solution to this and surprisingly, there is one.

The magnetic screen doors allow you to keep the doors wide open so that you can enjoy the sights and breeze while keeping the pests out. It is with the help of magnetic fields that the doors do not allow them to enter. All these might sound alien to you if you have never come across premium magnetic screen doors. If you are a person who just came across magnetic screen doors or whether you are looking for the best one for your house, here is a buying guide for the 7 best screen doors.

Best magnetic screen door reviews

Below are the 7 best magnetic screen door reviews that would allow you to make a wiser decision while shopping:

1. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door (Best for Dogs)

Best Magnetic Screen Doors


  • Easy installation
  • The magnetic strips make the opening and closing of the door effortless
  • Durable and has a heavy mesh
  • Effortless craftsmanship
  • For a 38”x32”inch door.

One of the major quirks for the Flux magnetic door is that it is easy to install. The installation would not require much of your time neither will the installation be an issue since it comes with a size mark that fits almost every door. Additionally, the magnetic screen can be easily retracted and detached. You can easily remove the door from one to another. Even if your hands are packed with a lot of things, all you would need is a slight push to the door to open it.

The magnets in the door makes it easy. The magnetic door will not require any special expertise to be installed. It does not weigh much despite having a heavy mesh and of course, the mesh restricts pests from entering the house. The edges are reinforced and it comes along with a user manual and a kit which is enough to install the door easily. 

2. Aloudy Magnetic Screen Door

Aloudy Magnetic Screen Door


  • This door can function both as in-swing and out-swing.
  • Powerful magnets 
    Simple and Easy installation
  • Innovative design
  • Strong heavy-duty mesh
  • Fits door of 36”x98” max

The door fits perfectly and glides on because of its double sewing. The door comes with a strong strength which helps in shielding the dangers of wearing and tearing. It, therefore, offers great durability and resistance during the scorching heat of the summer season. The reinforced Velcro of the door is entirely lined. This helps in securing the hoops and loops of the door. The craftsmanship of the door is impeccable as the reinforced edge and the strong magnetic forces allow the opening and closing of the door to be super easy and smooth.

When you are installing an additional curtain or magnetic screen door in your house you need the material to be nice and clean, the door offers you just the same. The mesh of the screen is strong but does not add to the weight of the door. 

3. Reliancer Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door (Best Portable)

Reliancer Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door


  • Fiberglass material makes it 10x stronger
  • Has fireproof mesh 
  • Built-in strong magnetic strength
  • For a 36”x80” doo.
  • Designed with magnetic seals

The increased strength with the use of fiberglass lengthens the life and durability of the magnetic door. It comes with the upgraded fireproof resistance and this makes it family and pet friendly. When this magnetic screen door is installed on the front door you would not require getting up every time when your pet wants to go out. A slight push by them makes it super easy to operate the door. If you have been using a polyester magnetic screen door, you will find a huge change in the fiberglass screen door concerning the airflow.

The fiberglass material also is beneficial in preventing any kind of wear and tear. The magnetic seals and the fiberglass mesh help in the opening and closing of the door smoothly, quietly and also quickly.  

4. Titan Mall 72x80" Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door

Titan Mall 72x80" Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door


  • Extremely durable 
  • Kids and Pets friendly
  • Fits all doors between 72”x80”

The premium magnetic door can easily be installed without any expert help. The strong magnetic strength allows the door to be closed quickly since the middle seam of the screen door is lined. The Titan Mall magnetic screen door allows the airflow along with minimizing the entrance of insects inside the room. If your pet wants to go outside, however, you will need to open it for them. However, here the magnetic seals are so smooth that a slight push of the pet also opens it and closes it without any pressure. The sides and corners of the magnetic screen door is so neat and polished that you will not feel a huge difference on your main door.

5. Magnetic Screen Door ( Best instant screen door )

Magnetic Screen Door


  • Durable fiberglass
  • Amazing and strong magnetic closure
  • Innovative design fits in all the doors 
  • Suitable for front and back doors
  • For 72”x83” doors

The door comes with a complete kit and manual. The manual has a step by step process mentioned allowing the installation quick and easy. The all-black metal tools and loops present in the kit makes it even more practical. This is a larger magnetic mesh screen door. The material of the door is made of fiberglass making it even more secure and letting it stay in shape constantly.

The screen of the door is translucent black and therefore the sunlight when enters the house does not seem to be too harsh. Therefore, blocking the insect and the pests is what it does and not blocking the sunlight and airflow. The mesh of the door is of a great quality.

6. Homitt Magnetic Screen Door (Premium)

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door


  • Hands-free and wind protection
  • Durable and detachable 
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with the general door sizes
  • For 39”x83” doors.

The Homitt screen door is made of the most durable material that being fiberglass. The door is made of the heavy-duty mesh which restricts the entrance of bugs, pests, and insects but not affecting the weight of the door. There are no special tools required to install the door. The door comes with a roll of hoop and loop, and a pack of push pins. The kit is enough and sufficient to install the door. The unique design and innovation of the magnetic screen door protect the door from wear and tear.

7. Augo Magnetic Screen Door

Augo Magnetic Screen Door


  • Insect Protection
  • Most secure
  • Patent pending 
  • Kids and Pet-friendly
  • For 38”x83” doors.

The design of the door is unique, which doesn’t just make it durable but serve long-lasting performance. The material of the door is tear-resistant polyester that can withstand a huge external impact. The screen door allows the breeze in the house not making the atmosphere suffocating. In addition to it, it increases the airflow of the fresh air and cools down the harsh sunlight coming from the outside.

All you need is a free hand to walk in and out of the door. The magnetic seals are strong enough making it pet and kids friendly. The door can be opened with a slight push and closes automatically. 

Buying Guide

  • Installation – Whenever you are thinking of buying a premium magnetic door first thing to keep in mind is that it should be easy to install. Buying a magnetic door and then wasting hours in installation would be of no use. Therefore, when investing in one make sure the assembly kit is included in the kit, the thumbtacks are all-metal black, and the loops are all-weather resistant. 

  • Size – The other thing that has to be kept in mind is the size of the magnetic door should fit the size of your door. If the size is a misfit the back and forth of the door with the vendors makes it all the more painful. It is, therefore, helpful to go through magnetic screen door reviews before purchasing one. 

  • Durability – Since summers cause metal to rust, therefore when you buy a magnetic screen door make sure it is durable. Any investment made should be assured that they are valuable for money and durable. 

  • Magnetic Strength – When buying a magnetic screen door, it is the first and foremost thing to confirm that the magnetic strength is strong. The strength ensures the opening and closing of the door easy and smooth. 

  • The material of the Mesh – The mesh should be tough. The mesh of a premium magnetic door should be tough to resist all wear and tear.  The material of the magnetic door makes a huge difference. You shouldn’t use any other material apart from fiberglass or tear-resistant polyester.


  • Can I install these on my own or do I need an expert for it?
    Yes, you can easily install these magnetic screen doors. There is no need for an expert. The doors come with a complete kit and the installation guide, which makes the installation very easy. 
  • Will they fit on any door size?
    Yes – the doors come with their size guides, however, you can always re-check with the product description for complete fit and size. 
  • Are the doors pet-friendly?
    Yes, all the doors mentioned above are pet-friendly. The door opens and closes with ease if your pet pushes it to go outside or come inside.
  • Do the doors stop the airflow?
    No. The doors block the pests and dust, dirt not the airflow. The door minimizes the arrival of insects and pests only. 
  • Are the doors heavy?
    No, the doors do have heavy-duty mesh making the design innovative and secure from insects and pests, but this does not add to the weight of the door.

Final Words (Conclusion)

Whenever you are purchasing premium magnetic doors, you must keep in mind the size, durability, and mesh strength. These are the most necessary elements. The mesh should also be dense blocking the insects and pests, but not the airflow.  

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