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Top 8 Best Outdoor Doormats of 2022

Entrance to a home should be as impressive as its interiors. Visitors must get a feeling of extended warm welcome whether someone is there to receive or not. The beautification while serving its purpose gets redefined with the choice of having best outdoor doormats for your place. Need fully called as entrance mats or welcome rugs, door mats give a graceful entrance to home.

Best outdoor Doormats are used at entrance of the home. Evidently, American author Joe supports the existence of doormats by saying, “Carpet is the soul of an apartment.” Surprisingly, doormats have existed since 19th century. The best doormats evolved are entirely based on the choice of the inhabitants and the time frame of their use.

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Outdoor doormats are the one which serves the purpose of prevention of entry of dust, grass inside and at the same time adding to the style quotient. Outdoor doormats come in various designs, sizes and can be made up of different materials. Earlier doormats were made up of grass, straw, palm etc. As interiors have been modified so are the doormats.

The Best outdoor doormat is now made up of rubber, nylon, light metals etc. Now you can choose between numerous options of best doormats for outside, rain, dust and welcome mats. Essentially, entrance doormats must be easy to wash, should be non slippery, effective at absorbing rain and dust while maintaining its shape and designs. MyDoorReviews platform brings the top 8 best outdoor mats, their features and best uses.

Here, we bring to you the Top 8 best outdoor doormats which will help you to choose from them.

1. A1 Home Collections A1HCCL68 (Best doormat for rain)


  • Non slippery rubber
  • doormat
  • Hand finished
  • Easy to clean
  • Color: Copper estate
  • Size: 36*72 

When you say beauty at its best, this little piece of hand finished art completes the rest part. It is made up with low pile design technology and has high quality rubber surface. Strong base makes it heavy and keeps the doormat at its place. The surface of doormat can withstand high temperatures thus making it bacteria resistant.

It is the best doormat for rain as it is durable, and easy to clean as well. The non-slippery feature makes it good to be used as entrance doormat. High quality of product makes it long lasting while maintaining its texture and shape in the long time. You can use it at front entrances, back entrances etc,

best outdoor doormats

2. GrassWorx Clean Machine Patio Stripe Astroturf (Best doormat for dirt)

GrassWorx Clean Machine Patio Stripe Astroturf


  • Triple action for dirt
  • cleaning
  • Flexible Polyethylene, all season color resistant doormat
  • Color: Desert Taupe and Charcoal
  • Size: 35.5*59.5 inches

It is made up of plastic. Using AstroTurf scraper blades technology, a grid pattern of small plastic blades is made, which is the secret to its magnificent cleaning properties. Its triple cleaning action not only grabs the dirt but also holds it and hides it.

This is the example of innovative design with best material choice. This dirt resistant doormat is easy to clean. GrassWorx is a heavy duty doormat. Henceforth, rightly termed as the best doormat for dirt it is yet durable, stylish and rugged. It is best to be used at outdoors like patios, entrance, back doors etc.

3. New Natural Coil Non slip doormat (Best doormat for entrance)

New Natural Coil Non slip doormat


  • Super absorbing doormat
  • Made up of natural coir
  • Non slip PVC base
  • Color: Natural coir
  • Size: 24*48 inches

Using natural material to make a best product was the only idea. This doormat is made up of natural coir and is made non-slippery using PVC base. Coir has natural absorbing properties while PVC gives it a strong backbone. A perfect and black hello extends its warm wishes to everyone.

Coil Non slip doormat is the best doormat at the entrance. It has exceptionally well scraping qualities and is non- slippery. You just need to brush it and it is as easy to clean it. This is suitable at entrance of both homes and shops.

4. Mibao Half Round doormat (Best outdoor welcome mat)

Mibao Half Round doormat


  • Elegant design with super finishing
  • Non foldable
  • Made up of natural rubber and polypropylene
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Colors: Yellow and Grey
  • Size: 24*36 inches

A perfectly designed doormat with half round in shape while made up of heavy duty materials is unapologetically the best outdoor welcome mat. Its corners are given proper finishing to maintain the shape even after used on regular basis. The base is made up of natural rubber while the polypropylene fabric is raised slightly to trap the dirt. This design helps in proper dirt absorption.

It may be half in shape but is fully equipped in serving its purpose. High end creative category of doormats is best known for its design, style and practical usage. It is best doormat to be used at patio, entrance doors, garages or any high traffic areas around the place.

5. Gorilla Grip Original Rubber Floor Doormat

Gorilla Grip Original Rubber Floor Doormat


  • Waterproof rubber doormat
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Color: Black, Blue, Green
  • Size: 17*29 inches

This is the best doormat for busy places. It is made up of high quality recycled rubber and its fabric is raised so as to grab the dirt.

Gorilla Grip is a heavy duty doormat and can be used with entrances blessed with lots of visitors. It is environment friendly and is resistant to color fading and water. Furthermore, it is easy to wash.

6. Apache Mills 60-732-1449 Welcome Doormat

Apache Mills 60-732-1449 Welcome Doormat


  • Rubber doormat
  • Full color deigns
  • Best selling doormat since 1996
  • Color: Aberdeen Welcome
  • Size: 18*30 inches

Recycling rubber tires could turn out to be such a master piece. This colorful doormat is made up of recycled rubber. It has molded channel which traps the dirt. Started in the year 1996, it is the best selling doormat.

It is the stain resistant, color resistant. It is a heavy duty doormat best suited for entrance of homes, shops etc.

7. Durable Dura-Rug Recycled Fabric Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Doormat

Durable Dura-Rug Recycled Fabric Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Doormat


  • Open mesh with carpet weave
  • Made up of recycled tires
  • Durable and heavy duty doormat
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 24*36 inches

It is an environment friendly recycled product. It is made up of rubber fabric extracted from recycled rubber which is woven on galvanized steel rods.

It is a strong and durable, easy to wash and foldable entrance doormat with attractive appearance. It can be used at back or front entrances, patio etc.

8. NKF Original Durable Rubber Doormat

NKF Original Durable Rubber Doormat


  • Tops in sturdiness and durability
  • Made up of flocking fabric and rubber
  • Waterproof and absorbs dirt
  • Color: Available in various colors
  • Size: 17.7*29.5 inches

It is made up of high quality natural rubber using flocking fabric. It is easy to clean, non- slippery, durable and flexible for all around versatility.

It is best doormat for front doors, patio, offices etc.

Buying Guide

  • Non Slippery and Scalability

Ideal doormats are the one which are skid resistant and have high scalability properties. Dirt, grass and other impurities needs to be removes at entrance itself.

  • Design and colors

Choose the best entrance doormat which perfectly suits your place’s color. The design should also be compatible with the location.

  • Easy to maintain

Entrance doormats must be easy to maintain. Doormats must be easily washable and should retain shape and color in long run.

  • Size:

While buying the best doormat for your use, make sure you have idea size ready with you. Most of the doormats come in various sizes.


How I can chose the best material for doormat?

Answer: The best ever doormats comes in various materials like coir, natural rubber, recycled rubber etc. You can choose your material according to the location of use.

Do doormats prevent the dirt and other impurities from entering?

Answer: Doormats are the first line of defense while preventing dirt or grass from entering the premises. They are made up of different dust absorbent materials with scientifically designed shapes to enhance scalability.

Will the color of doormat remains the same?

Answer: Most of the doormat comes with color resistant properties. Make sure to follow right procedures for cleaning doormats so that color must not fade away.

Is it safe to place doormats outside?

Answer: The best outdoor mats are non foldable, resistant to weather and keeps at the place due to heavy base.

How much does a doormat will cost me?

Answer: Doormats are very pocket friendly and with a little research, you can find your best while taking your needs into consideration.

Final Words (Conclusion)

The best outdoor doormats can be picked on the basis of material, location at which it is to be used, color, sizes, non-skid qualities and easy maintenance.

Entrance doormats are the first depiction of your style and user application skills. When it comes to beauty and creativity, our top 8 best entrance doormats will not let you down.

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