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Top 6 Best Pocket Door Hardware 2022

The door accessories industry is always open for the new revolutionary products. A best pocket door hardware is such a useful addition in the family of the traditional doors. A pocket door hardware is simply a sliding door. We are already aware about the benefits and the elegance factor of the sliding doors.

The modification of a simple sliding door into a pocket door is achieved by simply hiding the door in the adjacent wall. If you ask any door expert, a pocket door is a blend of engineering while scoring high on performance and grace.

The pocket door is best in saving the space. The use of pocket doors requires additional hardware to support the pocket doors. These are some devices which help the seamless operations of the pocket door. The best space-saving feature of the pocket door together with the necessary hardware is considerably one of the best architectural marvels. The pocket door hardware comes to serve various purposes.

The pocket door hardware is available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Te MyDoorReviews platform helps you to choose the best pocket door hardware.

Lets start to have a look at the top 6 best pocket door hardware.

1. Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

Best Pocket Door Hardware


  • Imported pocket door lock with round in shape that eliminates cutting of notch
  • Easy working locking mechanism using turn piece
  • Imported privacy pocket door lock with satin nickel finish
  • Size of the product is 14.8*8.1*036 inches

Kwikset 335 round bed/bath pocket door lock in stain nickel is the best pocket door hardware in terms of privacy. The package of the product comes with 2-3/8 inches latch backset. The latch throw is 1/2inches in dimensions. It fits well in the standard door size of 2-1/8 inches door. It can be installed easily using a standard screwdriver with no additional need of specialized tools.

It is one of the best pocket door hardware available in the market. It is a necessary product in ensuring the privacy at bedroom or at bathroom doors. It is an imported product which comes with the adjustable latch. This helps to fit all of the existing standard door sizes without much need to do any changes in the existing doors. The round shape of the door lock eliminates the need to drill out additional holes in the existing pocket door.

This pocket door hardware comes from the professionals of the door hardware industry. With the expertise in handling the market since last 60 years, Kwikset pocket door hardware can be installed easily with no hassle. It is the best choice of enhancing the privacy of your place. The satin nickel finish adds to the beauty of the place while performing high at the privacy standards.

2. Baldwin Estate 0465.150 Edge Pull In for Pocket Door

Baldwin Estate 0465.150 Edge Pull In for Pocket Door


  • Large opening in pull helps in easy operations
  • Heavy duty spring at the edge pull returns the lever flush
  • Comes in a all in one package including necessary accessories for installation
  • Size of the product is 3/4 *3-7/8*1-5/8 inches

Baldwin Estate 0465.150 narrow solid forged brass edge pull in is the best pocket door hardware that I available in 5 different colors. The edge pull in is best to be placed at closet, bathroom, laundry and hallway pocket doors. The slim and sleek design of the edge pull requires 1.62 inches of space in the door to operate properly.

It is the narrow solid brass edge pull with ability to match the existing color coordination of the scheme. The opening in the pull is large so as to open and close it easily. The spring of the edge pull helps to return the lever flush with the face plate. Needless to say it is a one of the top-of-the line product of the organization.

If you are looking for a contemporary look for your pocket door, this edge pull is a best buy for you. It comes with all of the necessary accessories in the package that are ideal for the installation of the edge pull. So you do not need to run from one hardware store to another to look for the products to install the edge pull. The smooth finish with minimal area stands by the definition of the pocket door.

3. Schlage 991 1-3/4”*2-1/4” Privacy Pocket Door Lock

Schlage 991 1-3/4”*2-1/4” Privacy Pocket Door Lock


  • Made up of tough and durable solid brass
  • Comes with reversible plates and is pre-assembled for left to right opening doors
  • Easy to install and fits all of the doors
  • Size of the product is 12*6.5*9.5 inches

Schlage 991 1-3/4 * 2-1/4 inches privacy pocket artisan sliding door lock, antique brass fits all of the doors ranging from 1-3/8 inches to 1-1/2 inches. It is made up of durable and strong solid brass.

It is one of the best privacy pocket door lock which allows the user to lock the door from inside. The plates of the door lock are reversible. In addition to this, the product is pre-assembled to function with the pocket doors that open from left to right direction. The strike plate and the screws are located inside the pocket door lock only. Thus, there is no hassle in installation and operation.

The pocket door lock from Schlage is a carded product and is screwed easily to the secure the lock to the pocket door. The body of the pocket door lock is made up of antique brass which adds to the style of your place. While the product is pre assembled for one direction, the striking plates are reversible to enhance smooth and seamless operations. It is best product for the pocket sliding doors in terms of the value, design, installation and effortless operations.

4. Prime-Line N 7239 Pocket Door Privacy Lock

Prime-Line N 7239 Pocket Door Privacy Lock


  • Made up of die cast metal and satin nickel brass
  • Compatible with almost all of the pull type pocket doors
  • Available in different colors, product comes with all required hardware
  • Size of the product is 2.50*2.75*1.37 inches

Prime-Line N 7239 pocket door privacy lock with pull, solid, satin nickel finish fits all of the pull doors. It can be adjusted for the door panels of the sizes 1-3/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches. It comes with cabinet hardware and cabinet, furniture pulls. It is made up of brass with premium satin nickel finish.

It is the pocket door hardware which is the combination of the privacy lock and a pull. It helps to provide additional layer of security to the pocket door. There is no need to buy additional hardware. All of the installation hardware is provided in the package of the product only. It is a durable product with long lasting privacy feature as there is practical wear and tear of the product.

The pull of the Prime-Line pocket door lock comes with the fasteners to enhance the installation process. It is compatible with all of the pull pocket doors and helps in securing the important points of your place. It is a durable and strong product from the Prime-Line in the family of the pocket door hardware. The best pocket door hardware is the combination of the products and the company scores high in its service.

5. Deltana SDLA325U15

Deltana SDLA325U15


  • Privacy lock for pocket door made up of Brass
  • Available in different colors to match the existing color scheme
  • Made in the USA with reliable security features
  • Size of the product is 3 ¼ * 2 ¼ inches with thickness of 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inches

Deltana SDLA325U15 adjustable 3 ¼ * 2 ¼ inches privacy HD pocket door is the best in class product by the leading pocket door manufacturers of the USA. The most important feature is the adjustable size to match almost all of the existing pocket doors.

It is the best pocket door hardware which has a standard pocket door style pull. The latch of the door lock with the strike plate operates through the hole of the pull. In case of any emergency, it is easy to remove using a flathead only.

The privacy latch is the best in terms of high levels of solitude. The users do not stop in giving high level of satisfaction with the use of the latch of the door lock. It is the best pocket door in terms of the replacement of the existing pocket door or for new use only. It is easy to install and fits well in almost all of the door sizes.

The pocket door lock is smooth in operations and sturdy at work. The different color availability allows the pocket door locks to be compatible with all of the color schemes of the existing pocket doors.

6. Emtek Tubular Pocket Door

Emtek Tubular Pocket Door


  • All-in-one package consisting of pocket door tubular privacy lock, strike plates, dust box, screws.
  • Stylish opener for easy operations of the hardware
  • Easy to lock with the hatch of the pocket door
  • Size of the product is compatible with door thickness of 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inches

Emtek Tubular pocket door (Square privacy, flat black (US19)) is a pocket door privacy lock which provides security of the pocket door. It is available in different finishes so as to match the color scheme of the place. It fits with any of the doors with thickness ranging between 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inches.

The most special feature of the product is that it comes as in all-in-one package. You do not need to run to match the screws or arrange technical tools for the installation of the door lock. The screws and the striking plate are provided in the dust box of the package. The 2 in 1 tubular latch comes with a pop-out edge pull which eliminates the need to buy an edge pull differently.

It is a revolutionary product which comes as a complete hardware for the pocket doors. The lock and the edge pull along with all required hardware makes it a first choice and a mandate for all of the pocket doors. The high end craftsmanship that performs high on every use is durable and reliable. There is no need to worry when a complete hardware package from the experts is at your service.

Buying Guide

  • Size of the door: Check the thickness of the door before deciding to buy the best pocket door hardware for your place. Most of the pocket door hardware is adjustable to the standard size doors.
    Material: The material of the pocket door hardware should be robust and durable.
    Combination of
  • hardware: The major players in the pocket door hardware provide combination of the door lock, edge pull which is beneficial to the buyers.
  • Ease of installation: The best pocket door hardware should be easy to install. Most of the pocket door hardware comes along with the essential hardware that is required for installation.

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