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Top 5 Best Portable Screen Door Reviews (2022)

An elementary door made up of cheesecloth used to serve the basic curtaining purpose would never have thought that someday it will get a new name of “Screen door.” Finally having the best Portable screen door has become the priority of every home.

A screen or an envelope between the main door and the surroundings serves multi-fold purposes. Gone are the days, when you have to open the door to see through it. Visibility is the basic purpose of the screen doors. Next in service is the positivity of daylight in the winters and the fresh air in the summers. Improvement of the energy efficiency of the home and prevention of entrance of pests, insects, and bugs are the added advantages of screen doors.

After understanding the role of screen doors in the adornment of home, which is the best one to buy for your interest? The portable screen doors can be made from Aluminum or wood. Aluminum application extends to roll formed and extruded screen doors. It is the best screen door in terms of durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Kin made up of wood are the heavy duty screen doors. They can be made as hinged or sliding screen doors. The portable screen door must be a mosaic of the usage and bedizenment of the home. We have the list of top 5 best portable screen doors at your serenity.

Although you can check all door reviews but now Lets check the 5 best portable screen doors.

1. COAOC Magnetic Screen Door, Portable Screen Door

Best Portable Screen Doors


  • Portable magnetic screen door with heavy duty mesh
  • Heavy to be blown away but light for walk through without using force
  • Kids and pets friendly with revengeful to insects, pets, bugs
  • Size of the product is 28*83 inches

COAOC Magnetic screen door is one of the best portable screen doors. The mesh is made up of strong material. The magnets used for closing are placed internal to the screen so as to add to the beauty of the product. Plastic snaps are replaced with the magnetic seals. It comes in 3 color variants- white, black and brown.

This is the best portable door in the terms of easy installation. You just need to measure the door size and affix the adhesive tape to the door frame. The mesh can be stacked to the mesh. It is as simple to use. The mesh is strong enough to stand still in the heavy winds but flexible enough for the penetration of perfect fresh air and daylight into the home.

Portable screen door can efficiently prevents the entry of insects, bugs and contributes to the energy saving of the home. It has totally hand free operation. The screen closes itself in fast action once it is opened. Thus, it is very good for the use by the kids and the pets. At your duty, this screen door is light weight and easy to clean as well.

COAOC is the best portable screen door to be used in bedrooms, living rooms, balcony, nursery, balcony, kitchen etc. It removes the worries of the constant opening and closing of the door. Also know the reasons to put the screen door for baby nursery.

2. GOUDU Magnetic Screen Door, Portable Screen Door

GOUDU Magnetic Screen Door


  • Nylon fabric edges of fiberglass mesh encloses the magnets for beautification and tight seal
  • Automatic closing door with less than seconds operating time
  • Best portable screen door for hand free operation and prevention from insects
  • Size of the product is 67*98 inches

GOUDU Magnetic screen door is the best portable screen door also abbreviated as insects screen door. It is an economical door with magnets for the tight seal. It comes in complete package along with the necessary pins and Velcro. It is black in color.

The portable door screen comes with a strong adhesive tape which sticks to the door frame. All the essential accessories like the pins are provided in the package of the product only. It can be used for metal of wooden door.

The edges of the product are reinforced with the nylon fabric. It serves the dual purpose of enclosing the magnets and adding a glamorous look to the screen door. The fabric is sewn to both sides so as to ensure the quality of the service in long run. An adieu to the insects, pests and a warm welcome to the daylight and fresh air is the motto of the screen door.

This portable screen door is sympathetic to the movement of the four legged members of your family and to the naughty kids who will follow you in and around the home. It is best to used at caravan doors, front doors, back doors, patio doors, greenhouse etc.

3. Portable Magnetic Screen Door Curtain by Outdew

Portable Magnetic Screen Door Curtain


  • Wide screen door with double sewn mesh made up of fiberglass
  • Ultra gravity magnets at the centre and gravity weights at the bottom of the screen door
  • A fascination chemistry with pets, kids while avenging at the insects, bugs
  • Size of the product is 34*82 inches

The portable magnetic screen door curtain by Outdew is an outstanding screen door. It is made up of fiberglass mesh which is doubly sewn into the Velcro frame. The package comes with the essential additions with no added tools for easy installation of the portable door screen.

A next level dedication of the experts can lead to such a screen door. It is resistant to claws of your four legged family members, flames and wear and tear due to daily usage. The pair of 13 magnets at the center enhances the swift but quiet closing operation of the screen. It can be easily opened with the slightest of force but the gravity rods at the bottom prevent it to be flown by the wind. The absence of frame adds to the flexibility of the screen door. It can be simply folded and kept at the side when not in use.

The portable screen door thus protects the insects, bugs from entering inside the home. It allows only useful factors like the sunshine and the fresh air to enter the home to add into the energy efficiency of the home. It reduces the cost of lights in the day while providing ambient temperature control within the home. The screen door is weatherproof hence it is durable.

4. GOVD Magnetic Door Screen, Portable Screen Door

GOVD Magnetic Door Screen


  • Rust proof and water proof fiberglass mesh with long service life than the nylon mesh
  • Affable for hands free use
  • High level permeability with intact security from unwanted pests, insects, bugs
  • Size of the product is 35*94 inches

A portable screen door made up of fiberglass mesh is water proof. In addition to this it is resistant to damage due to corrosion or claws of your lovable pets. It comes in black and white color. The necessary accessories are provided along with the package only.

It is best magnetic screen door for flat door surface and for rugged door surfaces as well. The Velcro strip gets attached easily to flat surface and it can be fixed on a rugged surface using the pins provided in the package.

It is a heavy duty screen door which has long service life. The mesh is waterproof and rust proof. It enhances the permittivity of light while protects from unwanted bugs and insects. The magnets at the center of the screen door make a strong seal while the door is not in use. The door can be opened with slight force only.

A family of kids, pets call for specialized care. With the portable screen door, you not only provide them a safe screen but also it is light at your pocket. There is no need to buy separate curtains or separate pet doors. Over to that, the screen door can be installed easily without much hassle. It is best to be used at entrances, garden openings, porches, etc.

5. ZHZW Magnetic Screen Door, Portable Screen Door

ZHZW Magnetic Screen Door


  • Fiberglass mesh suitable for all weather use
  • 4 gravity sticks to ensure that the screen keeps in position
  • Acknowledges free walk through door and closes easily with long magnetic strip
  • Size of the product is 31*93 inches

ZHZW is the best portable magnetic screen door. The mesh is made up of highly intricate fiberglass. The magnets are not in piece form but are present in the long magnetic strip form, so the door closes at once instead of one by one magnet closing. It comes with a screen door, loop and hook roll and set of push pins.

It is an easy to install magnetic screen door. All you need is a mint of creativity with 15 minutes and a good ear to the instructions. Peel the adhesive at the back of the loop and it sticks perfectly to the door frame. Next step is to install the screen using the Velcro to the loop. With the help of the push up pins, the screen is held perfectly at its place.

Thus, it can be installed easily without the use of any specialized tool. Say it for the durability, fast operation of the door, the classic design of the door with increased magnetic strength is to be blamed. The mesh is resistant to scratches and to corrosion and rust.

A perfect screen door, that lets the light and fresh air in and keeps the insects out. It is durable and perfect in service. It is the best portable screen door that can be used at front doors, balcony, deck, garage, etc.

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