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Top 6 Best Portable Door Lock 2022

Do you love to travel and discover new places but are afraid of the weak security of the places? If you plan your places on the base of security or on the basis of your choice, then don’t worry. The best portable door lock is your secure associate in traveling to far-flung places.

A vivid traveler always spend huge portion of his time in checking the security level of the hotel/ accommodation. Do not hesitate to make your plan on the basis of your choice independent of the security features. Yes, it is true as security will be taken care by your companion of the journey.

The door accessory, portable lock works efficiently to provide the security to the hotel rooms or any other temporary accommodation. The security of the door lock of a new place cannot be relied in the very first interaction of the place. The seamless traveling is thus made easier with the use of the portable travel door lock.

You can carry door locks with you and can simply use them while you are staying at a new place. There is no tricky installation for travel door lock. It is capable of high level security with full peace of mind. The MyDoorReviews platform helps you in getting your best, out of the various portable door locks.

Below are the 6 best portable door lock reviews that would allow you to make a wiser decision while shopping:

1. Addalock (Set of 2) Portable Door Lock

Best Portable Travel Door Locks


  • Best portable travel door lock for shutters’
  • Works well even in the case of duplicate keys
  • Quick and simple installation for enhanced protection
  • Dimensions of the package is 6.2* 2.8* 1.6 inches

Addalock (Set of 2) portable door lock is the best travel lock, AirBNB lock and school lock-down lock. It is light in weight and it prevents the lock picking. It comes with a travel pouch for each door lock.

It is the best portable door lock for the doors having locks with the striking mechanism. The metal portion of the door lock fits well into the striker plate. The portion thus rests on the door and any forced picking of the door lock is automatically prevented. It works on the simple mechanism to add an additional layer of security to the existing door lock.

This lock is best for the students to place Addalock portable door lock in the school lockers during the vacation period. It is efficient to be used by the travelers who want a peace of mind and does not want to spend restless nights at new place.

The feather weighted door lock allows the convenience to carry at any place without any hassle. It can be installed easily with no detailed procedures or technical methods. The metal part of the door lock prevents it from getting damaged by extra forces and gives sufficient time to the inhabitants to prepare for the emergency situation.

2. Portable Door Lock by ToolsGold

Portable Door Lock by ToolsGold


  • A one-piece security device made up of stainless steel
  • Easy one click security feature with complicated installation
  • Easy to remove feature helps in the case of emergency
  • Dimensions of the package is 7.09* 2.91* 1.18 inches

Portable door lock is the best travel door lock, hotel motel door lock, door jammer, apartment security, door barricade, bedroom door lock, door security device, porta-lock by ToolsGold. It is a single piece security device. It is easy to install and remove as well.

It is the best portable travel door lock which is compatible with almost all of the doors. For the installation, press the button and pull the red piece away from the claw. The door is opened and the claw is inserted into the strike plate of the lock of the door.

To close the door, carefully hold the portable door lock. The door lock then is slightly forwarded against the door. If you want to remove the door lock, simply press the button and slide the door lock away from the door.

The steel used in the manufacturing of the portable door lock is thicker than the usual door locks. The absence of any unnecessary moving parts gives long life and durability to the portable door lock. It comes with the travel pouch for convenience to carry. It is the best portable travel door lock to protect any type of door from forced opening while staying inside.

3. Portable Door Locker Door Lock by XELAR

Portable Door Locker Door Lock by XELAR


  • Easy to install multipurpose portable travel door lock
  • Prevents unwanted opening of the door by kids
  • Made up of durable iron plate with bold iron chain and high grade plastic.
  • Dimensions of the package is 7* 2.7* 1.1 inches

Portable door locker door lock from inside door travel lock, lockdown door security for home, apartment, living motel and additional security for AirBNB, hotel, home door locks. It is made up of strong iron plate which is connected with heavy duty iron chain to the plastic portion of the portable travel door lock. The plastic is high grade and non-toxic for use.

It can be installed simple by putting the portable travel door lock in the door jam without use of any tools. The door is then locked after pressing the button. XELAR door locker is best for home, hotels, dormitories, apartments, schools, offices, etc. It is easy to carry and provides utmost defense and protection against the unwanted entries.

The high grade steel is strong to protect the door while staying inwards. In addition to the safety, it has a unique child proof feature which prevents the unwanted swinging of the doors by the naughty inhabitants and by the lovable pets. The strong and the smooth design of the portable travel door lock makes it easy to use and easy to remove. It is best to be used by the elders, women and travelling to far-flung places.

4. Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Strap

Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Strap


  • Simple deadbolt strap which protects the door from duplicate keys
  • Prevents the door from the bump keys
  • Made up of durable hook-and-loop fabric made up of nylon
  • Dimensions of the package is 9.5* 0.3* 1.4 inches

Super Grip lock deadbolt strap accessory and portable travel lock is easy to use by attaching and wrapping the strap across the deadbolt. It helps to prevent the deadbolt. The elastic attachment is compatible with all of the deadbolts. The duplicate keys and the bump keys have no use in case super grip lock deadbolt strap is used.

The simple instructions to attach and wrap the strap are mentioned on the product itself. No moving parts, no buttons makes it easy to use. It is installed easily by holding the deadbolt handle in the locked position and attaching the strap to the deadbolt. The hotel rooms and the make in shift accommodations are usually prone to duplicity of the keys. The super grip strap is recommended by most of the security agencies. It is simple to use and easy to carry as well.

The portable travel door locks have mechanism which requires a careful installation to work efficiently and to prevent any damages to the deadbolt as well. The strap does not require the users to understand the pros and cons of the use of the travel door lock. The elastic attachment of the nylon made strap is just perfect t serve the purpose in all situations.

5. Calslock Portable Door Lock

Calslock Portable Door Lock


  • Works efficiently with doors having no lock
  • Small in size an easy to install portable door lock made up in the USA
  • Prevents the opening of door from outside with duplicate keys
  • Dimensions of the package is 5*0.06*1inches

Calslock portable door lock for travel, hotel, motel, lock, AirBNB, lock door barricade lock, apartment security device for personal security is one of the best portable travel door lock. It can be installed easily by hooking the lock into the striker plate of the door and pulling the slide bar. After closing the door, the slide bar of the door lock is squeezed and pushed against the door. The door lock is ready for use.

It is the best portable travel door lock which is compatible with all of the doors which are opening from inside. Even the keys cannot open the door from outside when the travel door lock is at your service.

Thus it prevents unwanted picking of the door locks. It works best even in the case of large gap between the doors and the door frames. The small and highly efficient portable travel door lock works seamlessly in providing protection to all of the doors.

There is no need to worry when this little piece of marvel from Calslock is at duty. The additional protection provided by the Calslock portable door lock makes it practically impossible to open the door from outside. It can be removed easily in the case of any emergency.

6. Borlai Portable Door Lock

Borlai Portable Door Lock


  • Made up of stainless steel for reliable and durable operations
  • Compatible with all inward opening door bolt sizes
  • Simple to install and remove without any difficulty
  • Dimensions of the package is 4.72*1.97*1.18 inches

Borlai portable door lock travel door lock punch-free hotel apartment anti-theft door lock is a simple but compact device for enhanced protection while traveling. You can easily use it by inserting the claws into door striker plate. Close the door while holding the plate and insert the moving half-moon metal into the hole near the door.

This door lock is silver in color. It is made up of durable, anti-resistant stainless steel. Although its size is small but still high in service. It is suitable for almost the entire inward opening door with seam width over 1.5mm. The material is practically secured for damages. The ideal size of the product makes it an ideal gift for the frequent travelers.

It is very simple to install and uninstall. The emergency feature of the portable travel door lock makes it easy to remove. It comes with a travelling pouch which helps in easy travelling of the products. Don’t get worried with the small size of the device as it is high in providing additional layer of security. The steel provides the durability and the compact size makes it a problem free portable travel door lock.

Buying Guide

  • Material: The material of the best portable door lock should be durable and free from damages due to frequent use. The stainless steel, iron are one of the best materials.
  • Size: The size of the portable travel door lock should be compact but should not compromise with the security of the user. Most of the travel door lock is small in size and light weight to carry.
  • Easy installation: The portable travel door lock should be easy to install with no requirement of additional tools.

Final Words

The travel door locks are the best security devices for the “Gallivanter” inside you who love to wander here and there to discover new places. While, you are enjoying, the responsibility of your security is the duty of the best portable door lock. It enhances the security of the existing door locks at minimal costs. Like the maps, it is an indispensable device while you are moving to new place. This is better safe than sorry, so grab your favorite one today.

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