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Top 5 Best Bookcase with Doors (Reviews)

Books are a man’s best friend. Times have changed over, but books remain on playing an important part in overall development of a person. The case for holding books, book shelves have thus made a special place in modern home and office decor. The stylish and elegant bookshelves are multipurpose piece of art with utmost usage.

A bookcase or a book shelf can be considered as piece of furniture having horizontal shelves which are used to keep books and other important printed materials etc. We now have options to choose from different materials like wood, steel, glass, etc. Bookcases essentially come with doors so as to protect the materials, valuable books, etc. Book case can be small or big according to the need and place of use. If you are looking to buy this token of elegance, for your place, we have list ready for you.

Let us check the best 5 bookcase with doors available in market.

1. Martin Furniture Felicity Glass Door Bookcase

bookcase with doors


  • Made up of wood
  • Glass panel doors
  • Antique silver knobs
  • Dimensions: 40*15*72 inches

It is made up of solid wood. It has 5 shelves for storing the books. The doors are decorated with traditional but stylish diamond shaped and oval shaped patterns. Knobs are made up of silver giving it an antique look. The glass adds transparency while pattern backs it with strength. It comes in white color.

This piece of joy comes in assembled form. The skill used in fretwork is commendable. The shelves of the bookcase are adjustable. Hinges of the case tops in sturdiness and fits well in elbow latches. Glass fits properly while serving dual purpose of see through and style. It is the best bookcase with glass door.

2. Homfa 4 Tier Bookcase Storage Cabinet

Homfa 4 Tier Bookcase Storage Cabinet


  • Made up of hardwood
  • Spacious book case with 4 cabinets
  • Free standing leg design
  • Dimensions: 22.4*11.8*64.2 inches

It is made up of hardwood. The cabinets are made up of MDF board, legs are made up of solid rubber wood. The doors of the bookcase are made up of faux wood grain. It is moisture and corrosion proof. The surface of the bookcase is very smooth and is made up of straight lines. It comes in stylish combination of white and wood grain color.

It is the best book case providing real value for your money. It has spacious design with 3 open cabinets and 1 cabinet with doors. The material used is environment friendly, anti corrosive, anti moisture with no toxic smell and is highly durable. While the contemporary design of the legs of book case makes it easy for floor cleaning, it can withstand huge capacity of loads.

3. Pemberly Row 5 Shelf 5 Door Bookcase in Cherry

Pemberly Row 5 Shelf 5 Door Bookcase in Cherry


  • Made up of wood
  • Slim and stylish design
  • Keeps the space clutter free
  • Dimensions: 11.8*15.9*59 inches

It is made of wood with cherry finish. The book shelf is made to be slim in design so as to use the space judiciously. The handles are made stylish using high quality metal.

The doors for all of the cabinets of the bookcase make it a closed safe cabinet for your rare book collection. It is made up of strong wood material making it highly durable and long lasting furniture. The design of the cabinet is increased towards height and reduced towards horizontal lines to make it optimum furniture using lesser space in your place. You can organize your home or office space with this bookcase.

4. Martin Furniture Contemporary Library Bookcase with Lower Doors

Martin Furniture Contemporary Library Bookcase with Lower Doors


  • Made up of wood
  • Adjustable and fixed shelves
  • Medium oak hand finish
  • Dimensions: 12.5*30*70 inches

It is the best office bookcase with doors. While the basic structure is made with solid wood, the shelves are cleverly divided into adjustable and fixed use. The fixed shelf will provide stability while the adjustable shelves will add to the customization. The shelves panels are made of plane slice red oak veneers. It is brown in color.

It is the best customized and durable bookcase. It comes in assembled form. Each piece of the bookcase is hand finished. It provides open and concealed storage with sufficient space. It has 5 year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

5. South Shore Narrow 3-Shelf Storage Bookcase

South Shore Narrow 3-Shelf Storage Bookcase


  • Made up of non-toxic laminated particle board wood
  • Concealed and open shelves
  • Stylish metal handles
  • Dimensions: 11.7*17.5*54.2 inches

It is a four cabinet storage bookcase with metal handles. 3 shelves are kept open with adjustable panels and one cabinet with doors. It has hole in the back for enhanced wire arrangement. It is black in color.

It is made in North America and comes with 5 year warranty. It can be easily cleaned using a dry cloth. It can be assembled easily without use of any tools. The laminated particleboard gives an elegant finish. It blends perfectly with the existing decor of your place. It is the best black bookcase with doors.

Buying Guide

  • Size:
    Ideal bookcase will be the one providing maximum book keeping space while it is slim and trim in design. Whether at home or at your office, you need a bookcase which occupies less space and serves the purpose elegantly.
  • Material of bookcase doors:
    The material of the bookcase doors should be highly durable as it is the only moving part. It must be corrosive resistant, water proof and color resistant. Care should be taken while cleaning book shelves.
  • Design and space offered:
    The design of the bookcase must be compatible with the existing furniture of the place. If you need to store more books along with other materials, you can opt for a bigger book shelf while a small sized bookcase will be best for single use at home.
  • Easy to assemble:
    Most of the bookcases come in assembled form. Others are transported as parts which are easy to assemble without the use of specialized tools.

Final Words (Conclusion)

The best collection of your reading material deserves the best space to be kept. The bookcases with doors are the most reliable, durable piece of furniture. It not only serves its basic storage purpose but enhances the beauty of your space as well.

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