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Different Types of Shower Door Designs For Home – 2022

Different Types of Shower Door Designs For Home: As house owners, most of us usually tend to neglect the shower doors of the bathroom shower. Before selecting a shower door, we do not pay much attention to the type of door or its features. Although shower doors may appear to be an insignificant thing in the bathroom shower, the reality is far different from this.

One important fact that you must keep in mind is that although all shower doors may appear to be made of glass, they are not the same. Also, shower doors are key to the privacy and aesthetics of your bathroom. Having an open shower without a proper shower door will always leave you with a sense of incompleteness.

Shower Door Designs

When we talk about shower doors, there is a wide range of styles and designs for you to choose from. It is all about identifying and choosing the one that best fits your needs.

Here are some most popular types of shower doors.

  1. Hinged shower doors: These are one of the more standard and traditional shower doors that operate like the regular doors in our house. These doors have pivoting hinges that allow the door to swing and open on the outside whenever someone wants to get in or out of the shower. Hinged doors have a wide variety of designs and styles that you can choose from. However, they fit better in larger bathrooms than smaller ones. They also need proper clearance in the bathroom to swing and open.
  2. Sliding shower doors: These are commonly known as ‘bypass’ shower doors. Their functioning resembles that of a sliding patio door. These doors occupy the least space in the bathroom. Generally, their design consists of two or three glass panels that slide past each other on tracks fitted at the top and bottom of the bathroom unit. Few sliding shower door models also have mechanical rollers to facilitate easy opening and closing, making them much more user-friendly. These doors can be used for corner stand-alone showers, and can also be mounted on bath tubs.
  3. Folding shower doors: A folding shower door has the capability to transform even the most simple bathroom into something lively, classy and elegant, giving the bathroom a modernistic look. These shower doors are either ‘bi-fold’ or ‘tri-fold’, having a distinct and unique folding mechanism in place. These doors consist of several glass panels, out of which just one is fixed to the wall, while others are free to fold upon themselves and move because of the presence of hinges. Since these doors do not open out in the bathroom, they are ideal for small spaces.
  4. Alcove shower doors: These shower doors are the best choice if you have a small bathroom but still looking to install shower doors. Alcove doors occupy very little space in the bathroom. However, you have to plan for sufficient clearance for this swing door to function properly. Alcove may not be as luxurious and appealing in design as some of the other doors, but it is economical and space-efficient. They provide a refreshed and new look to a smaller bathroom.
  5. Neo angle shower doors: These shower doors consist of two side glass panels installed perpendicular to the walls and one glass door centered between them. The design of neo angle doors occupy very little space in smaller bathrooms. For larger bathrooms, their beautiful design will make your shower the center of attraction in the bathroom. Neo angle doors can swing left or right and have a full-length magnetic closure. They come in a diverse range of styles, textures, finishes and glass types to suit any bathroom design. These doors are best suited for a corner freestanding shower.
  6. Round shower doors: These shower doors have a sliding mechanism in place and are not flat like most other shower doors. These doors consist of a rounded glass structure to enclose the shower. The rounded glass gently slides along its track to open and close the chamber. They have additional space due to the curved edges. Since the glass of these doors is not flat, they do not have much thickness. This is the reason why round doors occupy very little space in your bathroom. These doors fit well in both small and large bathrooms and are visually appealing.
  7.  Steam shower doors: These doors provide you the comfort of a sauna bath and health spa at home. Steam doors are steam proof from all ends, right from the floor to the ceiling. This is meant to contain the steam inside the shower cubicle. The steam shower doors are constructed with tempered solid glass panels, vapour proof gaskets, and built-in steam tight seals. The most common type of door installed in a steam shower is the hinged vapour proof door.
  8. Shower screen doors: Screen doors for shower area is another good idea. An elegant glass panel supported by minimal hardware makes up the shower screen’s simple design. The use of a bath shower screen gives your bathroom a splash-free feeling while you are taking a bath.

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