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How to Install a Retractable Screen Door

Install a Retractable Screen Door – Retractable screen doors are also of different types, some are made of glass panels their installation is very different from the screen doors made from fiberglass or polyester material basically a magnetic net.

The installation of magnetic mesh is very easy as it does not need any tool or equipment the whole mesh is to be mounted with the help of magnetic strips given at the side of the screen doors.

Install a Retractable Screen Door

You just have to peel off the protective film of the magnetic strip and lay off the mesh on the magnetic strip and then prepare the plastic strip to lay on the mesh and peel off the protective covering of the plastic strip so that the adhesive present on the plastic strip may stick the mesh in the plastic strip. In this way, the installation of the magnetic screen doors can be done.

But now talking about the screen doors which are made of glass panels are mounted with the help of their own cases provided by the manufacturer of the screen doors.

Following are the steps for installing a retractable screen door:

  1. Before ordering the retractable screen door carefully measure the frame of your door where you want to mount your retractable screen door.
  2. Measure the distance between the two interior edges to determine the size of your opening.
  3. The screen kits contain 5 primary components the left and right-hand housing units, the upper and lower tracks that connect them plus a sill plate assembly.
  4. When assembling, be sure to orient the screen housing on the hinge side of the door. Arrows marked on the connection tabs of the housing show where to align the channels of the tracks.
  5. Before adding the second housing units onto the tracks slide the bead of the sill plate assembly into the grove of the bottom track. Once in place slip the two plastic sill extenders onto the sill plate.
  6. Finish assembly by inserting the flat ends of the tracks into the other decorative housing unit, completing the rectangular frame. Slide the frame together and tilt it into place. Extend the housings to the left and right so they slide against the inside of the casings. The housing has slotted screw holes and the kit includes fasteners to fasten them.
  7. The sill extenders slide to each end of the frame sill to ensure all gaps are covered on both sides at the floor level.

And here finally the installation of retractable screen doors is completed. This was a general example of the procedure used in the installation of retractable screen doors. The retractable screen doors are very easy to install and hardly takes around 30 to 5 minutes for installation.


So in this article, we talked about retractable doors, their types and the process of installation of retractable doors. Retractable screen doors are used for protection from insects when both doors are open. They play a very important role in preventing the entrance of bugs and mosquitoes inside the building despite the fact that they don’t stop light from entering into the house.

The screen doors also give a classy look to the houses and are very efficient as one does not has to always close door and be worried about bugs and mosquitoes. Just install one retractable screen door and you free from stress of bugs sneaking inside your house or dirt coming inside your house if you forgot to close your main door. They also prevent and protect your main doors from getting damaged and destroyed by the external factors.

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