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5 Best LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Reviews

Garage door openers are an important part of modern life style. The heavy duty garage door serves the best purpose when it is used with an electric garage door opener with remote controls. It is an example of simplified engineering with advanced features. The best garage door accessories specifically opener comes in a wholesome package containing a motor control unit, remotes, keypad and the assembly for connecting the garage door opener to the garage door. The different types of garage door openers are chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, direct drive and jackshaft types of garage door openers.

LiftMaster is the ruler of the residential and commercial garage door openers. It has been in this industry since 50 years. Backed by the strongly established group with presence across nations, LiftMaster has a variety of options in garage door openers. The wall-mounted, belt-drive, chain-drive and smart openers are some of the best advanced garage door openers of the LiftMaster. If quality and exclusive products are not enough, LiftMaster also provides genuine accessories to the customers. The products of LiftMaster are simply trust-worthy, reliable and at par with perfection. The MyDoorReviews platform helps you with the 5 best LiftMaster garage door opener reviews.

1. LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W

liftmaster garage door opener


  • Stylish wall mounted garage door opener with noiseless DC Motor
  • LED light with safety sensors and automatic garage door locks included
  • In-built Wi-Fi and battery backup for smooth operations
  • Weight of the product is around 38 pounds

A LiftMaster elite series 8500W jackshaft garage door opener comes with the automatic garage door lock, 3 button remote, garage door opener battery ,myQ remote LED light and the door opener unit. It is direct drive member of the LiftMaster elite series.

The design of the elite series 8500W garage door openers is wall mounting which optimizes the space. The DC motor of the garage door opener is noise free. The provision of LED light which has power up to 1500 lumens eliminates the use of extra source of lighting in the garage. Along with this, the Wi-Fi incorporated in the garage door opener unit reduces the need to extra network connectivity. It can be used easily on Smart phones using the secure myQ app which makes it compatible for in-garage prime deliveries by the Amazon as well.

The all-in-one concept is completed with the inclusion of battery backup for the DC motor. LiftMaster still thought that this is not enough and have added the automatic garage door lock for enhanced security. The complete package by LiftMaster is easy to operate using the Smart phones for secure remote controls. LiftMaster has taken the security to next level with coded entries, automatic garage lock, safety sensors, and LED lights.

2. LiftMaster 8587 Elite Series

liftmaster garage door opener


  • High performance ¾ HP AC motor perfect for the heaviest garage doors
  • Durable I-beam rail system with reinforced chassis
  • Best in performance with built-in Wi-Fi and safety sensors
  • Weight of the product is around 20 pounds

The LiftMaster 8587 elite series ¾ HP AC chain drive garage door opener comes with 3 button remote and smart control panel. The Wi-Fi is built in the garage door opener. It belongs to the chain drive elite garage door openers family of the LiftMaster.

LiftMaster has given one of the strongest and long lasting operating garage door opener. The ¾ HP AC motor is the commercial used industrial motor which ensures the accuracy in seamless operation of heavy doors in windy regions as well. The double chain drive adds to the strength of the garage door opener. It provides utmost support with the I-beam rail system. The Wi-Fi is included in the garage door opener makes it easy to use with the Smart phone based myQ applications for controlling the garage door opener remotely.

The safety is not covered under the high-performance of the heavy duty garage doors. It works well with the automatic garage door lock. It has built-in safety sensors which prevents any damage due to obstruction in the oath of the safe operations of the garage door. LiftMaster has made the lighting of this Elite series garage door opener is motion-sensing. It is the best performing garage door opener of LiftMaster for heavy doors.

3. LiftMaster 8365-267 Review

LiftMaster 8365-267 Review


  • 3 button remote allows to control multiple garage door openers
  • Keyless entry using the wireless keypad
  • Heavy duty AC motor is durable and has high energy efficiency of 75%
  • Weight of the product is around 19.75 pounds

LiftMaster 8356-267 premium series ½ HP AC chain drive garage door opener comes with 3 button remote controls, multi-functional remote panel, and wireless entry keypad along with the garage door opener unit. The unit consists of ½ HP AC motor and Wi-Fi in built-in in the unit. It is a chain type garage door opener.

The garage door opener comes with a long lasting yet powerful ½ HP AC motor. It is attached to the double chain drive. The double chain drive ensures the heavy duty function of the garage door opener with utmost perfection. The AC motor of the unit helps in saving up to 75% energy as it consumes less electricity when it is in stand-by mode. The built-in Wi-Fi of the unit makes it easy to use with the myQ app. The Smartphone control of the operations of the garage door opener is secured with the Security+2.0tm. The three different buttons remote can be used to control three garage door openers.

It is a durable and high-end performance product of LiftMaster. For the hassle free operation without key or remotes, it comes with the wireless keypad which grants access to the garage door using 4 digits PIN. It has all the possibilities of multi-functional uses, high security safety sensors, is easy at pocket and strict to quality work.

4. LiftMaster Contractor Series 8155 Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster Contractor Series 8155 Garage Door Opener


  • Built-in Wi-Fi in the garage door opener unit
  • Can be used easily using myQ app for smooth remote operations
  • Dependable AC motor with safety sensors protects limits damage
  • Weight of the product is around 20.1 pounds

LiftMaster contractor series 8155 ½ HP belt drive garage door opener consists of a motor unit and 3 button remote control. It comes from the family of the belt drive garage door openers.

The affiliate of the contractor series of the LiftMaster garage door openers is compatible with all of the Smart phones. The myQ app not only controls the operation of the garage door opener but also converts it as a key by the Amazon for garage delivery of the prime packages. The configuration of the prime account of the e-commerce giant along with the myQ apps makes you to enjoy added benefits by the company. The Wi-Fi which is incorporated in the garage door opener unit eliminates the use of external network requirement. The belt drive system of the garage door opener is near to noiseless operation. The high-performance AC motor of the opener operates seamlessly with the least power consumption at stand-by periods.

The security is enhanced with the safety sensors of the unit which ensures obstacle-free operations of the opener. The garage door opener by LiftMaster automatically protects against the forced entries and works at the fastening speed of inches per second. It is an easy to install garage door opener with minimal maintenance requirements.

5. LiftMaster 8550W Belt Drive Review

LiftMaster 8550W Belt Drive Review


  • Noiseless DC operating motor with battery backup included
  • Smooth operating impenetrable door with automatic garage door lock with myQ connectivity
  • Lifetime belt and motor warranty with one year warranty of accessories
  • Weight of the product is around 22.1 pounds

LiftMaster 8550W belt drive garage door opener is an elite series product which comes with DC battery backup. It consists of a visor remote control, smart control panel, the battery backup and the motor unit. There is no need as additional Wi-Fi as the system comes with a built-in Wi-Fi. It is a belt type garage door opener.

The garage door opener is compatible with the myQ app and with the latest smart devices and platforms. This compatibility has additional advantage of authorization of key by Amazon in-garage delivery. The prime members have to assign the myQ account and you garage will be the available for in-garage delivery by the e-commerce. The long lasting DC motor of the door opener unit helps in noise free operations of the opener. The battery backup of the garage door opener ensures its smooth operation in the event of a power failure as well.

It is the best garage door opener to safeguard and closely monitor your garage. It protects against the forced entrances when used with automatic garage door lock. It has safety sensors which detect the obstacles in the oath of the door and thus prevents damage to the vehicles and to the user also. It can be used with smart phones over there a separate code is sent each time so as to ensure authorized access to the garage only.

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