Portable Screen Door
Portable Screen Door

Portable Screen Door

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Portable Screen Door

The portable screen door are the perfect solution to prevent the entry of insects and pollen homes. The main function of portable screen doors is to protect against insects such as flies, mosquitoes, bees, or small reptiles and to achieve natural ventilation in the house.

In addition, avoid leaving pets such as dogs and cats, among other pets. Depending on the place where portable screen doors are installed, we can choose different types: Rollable, sliding, fixed, folding, and pleated. In your choice, we have to take into account the type of passage and opening of the door or window where we want to place it.

Measurements and materials are also very important when buying mosquito nets. There are standard size portable screen doors but the best option is to opt for custom portable screen doors. Its main advantage is easy installation and perfect placement. The price may vary depending on the type of portable screen doors, the measurements, and the materials chosen. 

The profiles of the fly screens are made of aluminum or PVC. The production time of the portable screen doors is between 1 to 3 working days.


Portable Screen Door Installation Guide

  • The portable screen doors are affordable and easy to install. Simply glue it to the window frame after cutting to fit the dimensions of the gap.
  • The portable screen doors work like a blind. Enclosed in a box, it is unrolled by pressing a handle or pulling a string. – The fixed frame portable screen doors are generally available with a cutout frame. Therefore, it can be adjusted to the dimensions of the window or door. –
  • The fly screen can be made of thin colored nylon strips, such as a fly screen, or wide bands of fly screen fabric. It is effective and easy to install. –

The ceiling or suspended portable screen doors are easy to install and suitable for the bed. Most of the time it comes with a plug to fix it to the ceiling. It can be installed, disassembled, and folded in a few minutes. The portable screen door has a structure like aluminum.

It represents an interesting alternative to the installation of portable screen doors. The duration of exposure to insects is an essential element in choosing a portable screen door.  It is preferable to use portable screen doors, roller, and magnetic models in a house that is particularly exposed to mosquitoes, butterflies, flies, and other unwanted flying insects.  

Portable screen doors are best suited for homes that need to be protected from insects for only a few months of the year. – During the holidays, the portable screen doors and the portable model are very practical. Depending on their use, the portable screen doors and temporary Screen doors can be hanging, in the form of a blind or installed in the frame of an opening in the house (door or window). They also exist in a cut-out version, which can be a customized solution for a door, window, or bed.

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