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Prehung Door Vs Slab Door – Full Buying Guide

Here, Let us weigh about the popular prehung vs slab door. At first, start by knowing what is a prehung door and a slab door.

What is a Prehung Door?

Self-elucidating prehung doors are the beautiful entrances which come with the entire frame which can be fitted easily into the passageways. The hinges of the frame are the real heroes of the prehung doors. It can be made up of metal or wood.

The prehung door comes with the door slab having hole for door knob. The door slab which is well-fitted into the frame using the hinges with appropriate mortises is left unpainted to as to match the color of the surroundings according to the need and the place.

What is a Slab door?

In layman’s words, slab doors are the intact piece of wood or metal which is cut in the size of the door. The firmness of single slab is exceptional and is may be provided with a hole for the door knob. The availability of slab door in distinctive sizes takes the lead in the family of the entryways. It can be made up of Aluminum, wood or fiberglass depending on the requirement of use.

Prehung Vs Slab Door

It is always good to let your inside engineer out, when it is the time to exhibit your craftsman skills in the door installation. While engineering skills are of utmost importance, the choice of best suitable door is imperative. You may be installing a new door or may be replacing an old damaged door.

Here are the essentials to appreciate before you make a choice for the prehung doors or slab doors.

Pre-Hung Doors Vs Slab Doors

The Pros of PreHung doors are

  • A complete package consisting of the door set with all required hardware
  • A best option in case to be used as a replacement door
  • A cost saver in case the frame is worn out and you saves on spending differently for door and for the frame
  • Weather stripping is not needed due to the strong alignment of door with the frame
  • Seamless operation due to no need of adjusting mortises
  • Long lasting as the entire frame and door are in single unit only
  • Easy to install with door already fitted in the frame

The Cons of the PreHung Doors are

  • High cost as compared to the traditional doors
  • The entire setup is heavy and is not manageable by single person
  • The door alignment is disturbed with the alignment of the frame

The Pros of the Slab Doors are

  • Highly durable single piece slab with no mechanical operations
  • The best match can be decided from the available variants in the market
  • Light on pocket while heavy at performance
  • Designs can be chosen according to the interior of the place
  • Slab doors can be handled easily
  • A boon to the antique lovers as old doors were in form of slab doors only
  • Advantage of placing your favorite handles/door knobs

The Cons of Slab Doors are

  • Require separate mortises for fitting
  • Require separate adjustments to ensure tight fitting of the door
  • Seamless operation of the door requires error-free swings
  • Require additional accessories

A crystal clear outline of the prehung door and the slab door makes it easy to choose between the two. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


First thing to be kept in mind is the material of the door. Second important factor is the location of the use of door. Third in the line is the budget for buying the door. Once the material, place of door and the money is discussed upon, it becomes easy to choose from the pre-hung doors and the slab doors. Performance with style must be accessed before going for your best.

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